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Gehl skid steer hydraulics problem

  1. I have an old Gehl HL3030 Hydo Cat skid steer. Rebuilt one lift cylinder. Bled out air, got it operating. Now, after sitting overnight, the only thing that will move after start up is left steering. Eventually right steering will work. After continually working the tilt back and forth, it will finally work. It is some time before the lift arms work. Eventually everything will work. In the beginning, it will only work on low idle. There seems to be air in the lines every day and bleeding does seem to help. I did put in new oil and filter. HELP PLEASE.
  2. Found the problem with the Gehl skid steer. Turns out there is a metal screen filter inside the hydraulic fluid tank. Drained tank,removed and cleaned screen, replaced screen and oil, works great!
  3. hey do you no how too get your arms and bucket too work if its not the filter
  4. I only know the Bobcat 743. If you don't get help here soon, I'll suggest an excellent "skidsteer" forum that I rely on; they cover all brands there.