How much would you pay?


Wrench. I help when I can
Limited edition snap on creeper.

I have a limited edition pro stock creeper for sale. Wheels work great. But the best thing is the solid frame.

The creeper has two scarfs on it, due to wear an tear. This creeper is taking up space and I am willing to "give" it to any wrench here who is willing to pay shipping.

I want to give this gift to someone who deserves it.


Wrench. I help when I can
The creeper was a one shot deal with the socket kit.

I have no use for it now.

I repeat, I want to give it away. Only to one of you guys. It is a Angella series.



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I have never liked creepers. I bought one over 40 yrs. ago, only used it a couple of times then never again. Why do I still have it??? Even as a kids toy, it is less useful than my furniture dolly.
Thanks for the offer but--

Gave both of mine to my kids, that probably never used them.

I found that I moved around too much while trying to torque down something. Had not used them for years.


Wrench. I help when I can
Great feedback, probably why it is still in good condition. On a funny note,
yes a kid did try it out as a skate board.

I guess I will just give it away. My deeper thought in this is that I am holding on to useless memories.

I am thankfull for that feedback.

I am still hell bent on giving up this trade. You guy's are awesome.