Information purposes, car lost engine and body power. NickD is going to love this.


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Nov 22, 2008
St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada
Ok guy's, me here again with just another "for informational purposes" thread.

Came by a Honda Civic Si 2008, more km's on it to count.

20min check and fix, but the diagnostics on this was unbelievable.

Car came in with engine stalling. Codes to wazoo. Lean codes, MAF/IAT codes, body codes, communication codes and for some bizarre reason, a "B" code 1036 ig1 power B+ supply code which I disregarded as I was focused on the why of the engine shut downs and lean codes.

Those became fairly apparent once I found the intake boot to be cracked, hence giving false reading to ECU. I knew a bit of the history behind this car, the client is a pizza delivery guy and really abuses his civic. He has a GPS, and cell phone and all sorts of crap pulling power and all other kinds of crap badly wired into this car.

He also has a alcohol inhibitor blowing machine which made the diagnostics horrendous for client and may make this thread will become a lovely thing for Nickd.

here we will talk about voltage drops, cheap contact design, all the nice stuff NickD astutely talks about.

So, I fix the air boot with a new one, clean the MAF and the throttle body plate and pivot points and also do fly by wire relearn. Idel goes back to normal, all codes for lean and MAF/IAT go away, cars drives fine while I have it in my hands. Code B1036 never came back. SO again, it left my mind.

Which in hindsight, would have not been the nightmare it became, but him having that inhibitor for alcohol really messed things up. Federal law prevents me from touching the alcolok system, I tell client, you must go to the alcolok shop who installed it to make sure they know I am about to go heavy into this car, if you can get there.

Story short, client comes back engine is still stalling. I said ok, lets see. No more lean or MAF codes, now, just losing everything. Gain all power back only when starting. SO I go for an ignition switch to body control, and notice a very substantial voltage drop.

So this car had two things going on at same time.

Once client came back with a permit for me to work on the alcolok system, I quickly found the ignition switch to be at fault.

I wanted to post pictures for NickD, but cannot do that yet, they are still in my scanner at work as it take better pic than my fujifilm camera. So I will upload them here monday when I get back to work.

Remember, I cannot modify this car in any way because of the alcolok on board. Client was not a happy camper, I told him to suck it up and call the govnt if you think you are getting stiifed on a bill.