KOHLER Courage XT7 Engine Problems

I have a 6 year old HUSKY Pressure Washer. It has a Kohler Courgae XT7 engine on it. While using it the past three days it began acting up while hot. The first day, I ran through 5 tanks of gas while using it. I let it cool down only for as long as it took to re-fuel it, started fine every time.
Day two, ran through 2 tanks of gas, same thing, only cooled for as long as re-fueling time. On 3rd tank, 1 pull, nothing, 2nd pull compression wouldn't allow me to pull the start cord anymore. Put it away over night, day 3, next day, starts right up on 2 pulls. Ran through 2 tanks of gas. 3rd tank after refueling, same problem, compression impossible high. Since it was much cooler this day, I let it sit about 1/2 hour and tried again. Still too much compression to start it, but not impossible to pull cord even though I couldn't pull it fast enough to start it. I get the idea to try cooling it faster by putting it in the garage and put a 20" box fan on the floor, right up against the carburetor side of it. About 10 minutes later, pulled the cord, no problem, all the way out and easy! Took it outside set switch to run and off I go!
Anyone know what causes this, and why only now? What should I be looking for as the cause and fix? It's 5 years old but including the past 3 days of use, it can't have more than 15 to 20 hours on it total/ Would appreciate all any/help.


Staff member
Those air-cooled engines tend to get a lot of crap in the cooling fins, to clean them out properly you may have to take off the flywheel cover and some other sheetmetal pieces. Sometimes there is even a foam "filter" at the air intake of the flywheel, right in the pull-start area. Is there plenty of oil in it? Even so, a change to some fresh stuff wouldn't hurt. It would be a "Hail Mary", play, but I would probably also feed it full synthetic; should only take a quart or so. I'm focused on the oil because I don't think it is "compression" causing it to be hard to crank; the piston is seizing in the cylinder, or maybe the crank bearings galling due to poor oiling. Use 10-40 oil in it, nothing lighter. If you want to see an IPB for that engine, how it is built, do a search for "small engine parts wharehouse".