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Off car topic. Bulova precisionist watch repair.

  1. Hello Guy's. Me again asking for more advice.

    When I was at the tractor pull show last night, I went into a booster ride and hit my bulova watch.

    The crown fell off so now I can't adjust date or time.

    I really like this watch, and every jeweler I called wants me to send it in. I just want the part.

    Anybody know where I can't get watch parts for this model? Bulova-Precisionist-Champlain-6.jpg
  2. Before anybody asks, I lost the crown as it flew off in the ride. The stem looks fine and I don't want to mess with the water resistant seal, I just need to find a crown that will thread onto the stem. Watch repair ppl use epoxy on the threads, but I think red or blue lock tite will suffice.

    But if any of you have ever repaired a watch like this, I am all ears for any usefull advice.

    It is not a fancy watch, but a good tuff one I use for every day usage. I thought it was very solid until that fair ground ride. :eek:
  4. Oh shit.

  6. Can my f ing watch be fixed under 60 canucks.??
  7. Website i posted shows all crowns are about $45 usd! Which equals $57.03 Canadian dollars! So yes you can fix it for less than $60.

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