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open thread, open topic. Television

  1. Hi guy's, just got back from the north and set up my living room with some cash I had saved.

    I found a used TV on Kijjiji. A toshiba regza whatever LED flat thing. So I threw out my old RCA projection behemouth. This morning, I woke up and turned it on, the picture is quite low in brightness. So I went to menu options, threw contrast and brightness to 100%, no change.

    I then did some google stuff, thought maybe it is a energy saving thing, I don't think this tv has this option.

    Anyway, I thought, I think, I just spent 400$ for a very dim TV.

    I thought maybe the HDMI cable was bad, So I swapped it with a known good monster cable and still same.

    So, since I like repeating myself often, I think I bought a faulty used unit, I am thinking a backlight issue but don't know how to test that.

    Any advice would be very appreciated.

    BTW, when coming back from the north, you have to get used to traffic.:eek:
  2. Do you know if this TV has one (or a few) back-light, or does it have individual LEDs for each pixel? If it is "over-all" back-lighting, then you may have a chance to check/repair that. What specific model number is this beast?
  3. Canadian and not bright ......... sounds normal. :)

    My cable box will adjust bright but only to the TV's set limit...... Does that make sense?

    Glad you are back - what did you need/miss when you got back
  4. F U Kev2;), common american subterfuge. I could throw this in a politcal debate, but us Cannucks get the job done whatever the odds., wink again;)
  5. Ok, jokes aside, the tv model is a CO6215CO8225K1
  6. So, I think my mind is just dull from the north and I bought a shyte tv on the slag, so to speak. I just want to know if I have a hope in heaven or whatever of trying to fix this toshiba with my vey limited knowledge of LED tv`s. But as you all know, I am most willing to dive into it if the cost does not exceed the venture.

    as for this comment,

    I missed mostly the girls in shorts on roller blades. Now I get to see them on my front porch every morning.
  7. Oops, gave wrong number. Model number is as follows

  8. I found the owners manual on line but could not find the service manual.
  9. Obviously, the owners manual is of no help to me. Could it be that a resistor of some sorts is making the backlight dim?

    I have seen some issues with tv's with power supply issue of this sort, but normally, the units would go into protection mode.

    This unit work great, but has a very or little capability to change the brightness. So before Kev2 makes another smart comment, yes I cleaned the screen and blew smoke up it arse.
  10. Also, what did I miss most, the cars of modern civilization.

    A neighbor just bought a Q50S, wow does that thing hang a curve. Good thing I don't own that car. Foreseeable future facelift to say the least.

    He asked me if I liked the car, I said I cannot know before I try it. Traction control took over for me, tires hooked great, WAS NOT ABLE TO CONTROL THE CAR< system took over. I handed him the keys and said nice investment, but not for me.
  11. If it doesn't have LEDs for back-light, then probably a couple of fluorescents, and one could be bad. There are standard IC chips for driving those fluorescents, and maybe Toshiba used one. If so, then we could look at a data-sheet for the chip and do a bit of trouble-shooting. Unless you can find a schematic, you will just have to open it up and post pictures as we trade questions.
  12. I think that is exactly the problem. Thx Bill.
  13. So, what did you have to fix to get it working again?
  14. It was a back-light problem.
  15. On these tv's, several fluro go out at same time.
  16. That was exactly the problem. At least it was not an IC chip like before.
  17. To fix it was simple, disassemble the bank of the unit, clean the contacts, buy new tube and bingo.
  18. You had to replace some fluoro tubes? Where did you get them, are they a "standard" type?
  19. CCFL
  20. I tore that out from a unit with a similar size, and works like a charm.
  21. @Bill, found a new job, will keep you all posted.
  22. So now, I don"t think I will even have to touch a UI check. Closer to home, much better than the tundra.
  23. To close the toshiba tv thread, its not my day job for sure. I rather work on cars and trucks. It's good for a side line, but not my cup of tea.
  24. Future job is going to be nice, all the scanners are up to date, autel, pico, and snap on and mac.

    I don"t even need to bring my new laptop, one will be available for me, boss said it is a tuff book..
  25. Bonus, I don't even need to move any of my tools and tool chest.
  26. Thanks for the info on TV. I have never torn into one like that, was curious what they actually looked like. I was surprised to see the tube "array", I thought it was just a couple of tubes along the screen edge(s). Maybe some are, don't know... Yeah, keep us advised on the new job.