P-30 454 CID fuel feed problems.


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I also remember loosing my shirt off my back at the mini golf. Every year, I would loose. Never could learn how to mini putt. Give me a hockey stick or a baseball bat, but a damn putter just does not agree with me.

I went a few times to golf swing, could reach almost 300yrds. But that damn mini putt course was always me ending up buying the last round. :money::money::eek:
Abbreviations? Sorry, you do know what BS stands for, bullshit, most of this started in the late 60's, Department of Natural Resources is a state run governmental agency that has conflicts with a federal agency called the Environmental Protection Agency that also has conflicts with another agency called Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA. Had all three in my plant fighting over who had the authority.

If you buy some land out in the sticks, no city water, and have a business, but want a flush toilet called commercial, have to dig a well, since it is commercial, you need a permit from forty different agencies before you dig it. Not nearly as bad if you are building a private residence. But still have to add a water meter, so that can compare your water usage compared to what you are paying to have your sewage removed.

Don't even get me started on the number of different law agencies we have, like the CIA, FBI, DEA, ICE, etc. A total of 67 federal agencies that does not include some odd 18,000 at the local, city, township, county, and state agencies. They can't even work together that was the reason for 9/11. So what do they do? Start another one Called Homeland Security that is suppose to bring them all together. When in fact they should have been eliminating them.

District Attorneys, DA's and judges are lawyers where they could not make in in private practice, dealing with these idiots.

As an engineer, had to deal with the EPA, DOT, NSTSA, INS, most these guys didn't even have an engineering degree, the leaders got their jobs because they helped the president get elected. None of them would have lasted five minutes in the private sector, but were telling us what we had to do. FAA, and the FCC are the same way.

Also have a TA and a BI, tax assessor and a building inspector to deal with. With the TA, doesn't make a difference what you paid for your property, if you paid $10,000 for a piece of land, some idiot comes in a pays $35,000 and really gets screwed paying that much, all of our property is than assessed at that $35,000 rate. Building inspectors are also politically appointed, talk about some real idiots that don't even know the difference between a nail and a screw, but have to deal with these.


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Don't even get me started on the number of different law agencies we have, like the CIA, FBI, DEA, ICE, etc
Ok, sorry I got you started, but sure makes for a good debate. I do understand the abbreviation BS. Mobile Dan has that in his moniker.

My own father has asked me to not resuscitate. So I guess DNR involves many frustrating things.
We had many divisions in Canada, would visit frequently, but not so bad being retired. Kid Bush with an executive order need a passport or a passcard now to visit Canada. Spent billions in Toronto airport for increase security, not bad going into Canada, living hell coming back. Talked to old associates on this issue ready to die from exhaustion, besides having to put in a long day, have to stand in long lines for 3 or 4 hours to get back.

We also speculated with 3,500 miles of unprotected border a terrorist would be an idiot to buy an airline ticket. Obama could change this in an instant, but suppose if he does, if one terrorist enters, would be the end of him.


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I once tried to fly to alberta, tried to go for a free trade at the new york point of entry. 3 guy's had criminal including me.

Best to say, we could not cross the border. That ended up with 3hrs in the investigation room.


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