P-30 Motorhome climate control temperature level adjustment.

Aug 28, 2007
Two minute job? First I prayed it was on the engine, actually way up front ahead of the radiator, wasn't, cable shroud was weak on the climate control side, so the dash had to be removed. To do that, had to remove the engine cover first on to find the squirrels built a huge nest under there. So that had to be cleaned up first.

That panel was heavy so when I removed that, broke a switch, found a replacement and repaired that, then finally redid that weak GM cable clamp on the shroud, repaired that so it nice and tight. Was getting too dark to work, so called it quits last night, will finish it up this morning.

It wasn't a two minute job. And as usual, just started off with a couple of tools ending up with most of my tools out there. Am I the only one?