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Poulan p3314

  1. poulan p3314 chain saw will start and run on choke only , has new carb and fuel lines and filter .. I have checked bottom end crank seal and resealed with ultra grey , it just won't idle ? did have it idling once but would not rev ? Help Please
  2. This is a 2-stroke? Have you checked compression? It seems to me a 2-stroke would be very sensitive to blow-by due to a broken piston ring or similar.
  3. compression is fine , i have just a tick under 100 ... i have pulled the muff , and looked inside , and have also went as far as removing piston assy it's fine .. i'm thinking i may have the feed and return lines on wrong ... when it was idling the upper cover was not on just the air cleaner cover , when the upper cover went on it wouldn't even start ?
  4. 100 seems kind of low, but I sure don't know what the spec is for that engine. Have you inspected the reed-valve? Tried running with the cap off the tank? Was that truly a "new" carb, or just a different one? Was the strainer down at the end of the pickup tube in the tank cleaned/changed?
  5. It's all good ! fuel feed line on wrong port also return line back into tank had pin hole ... set carb at 2 turns each fired up runs then adjusted from there Thanks All !