Remember the TH200 metric?

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MAKE: Chevrolet
Hey guys:

I have a non-lockup 200 metric trans in my '77 Caprice coupe, maybe one of the few still being used. Anyway, the thing is acting up and I'm curious whether it could be caused by something accessible from the outside, or it is more serious than that.

Here's what's happening:

Cold or hot, there is a delayed, soft engagement into Drive. Reverse is prompt and has firm engagement. When driving away in Drive, there is pronounced clutch slippage/shudder with application of the throttle...until the engine rpms rise, at which point the clutches grab and there is no more slippage.

If the rpms drop below 1500 or so at the point the shift to 2nd is about to occur, 2nd will also slip briefly. However, if I am on the gas, no slippage. Shifts are on time and feel good. I will also mention that shifting to manual 2nd or low mostly mitigates the slippage, but it will slip briefly until the rms (pressure) builds.

So, here's something a little different. This trans appears to be damaged but not "burned up" . Any ideas what could be going on? Thanks.


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Hi Tyler, Bp is our in house specialist for tranny's,

So, just to be clear, you have a turbo matic hydro glide without OD right?

When I ran my 71 lemans on the strip, everyone wanted my transmission. Cuz mine did not have overdrive. It was a trans from a in line six that I used for the engine swap.

Yours is a 4R??

I will attempt to answer your question. Wishing BP will come about at one point.
Cold or hot, there is a delayed, soft engagement into Drive.
This to me sounds like a clutch package is due. But don't take my word for it.

You state you have good shifting in manual but still slippage so this is inherent to a internal problem. You could try to clean the body valve, but I don't think it will work. But hold to that transmission.


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If you really like the power plant you have, the bell housing can take a power glide like I had in my lemans.

You may have a governor problem. Easy to check. Here is a snapshot of early 200's for you shifting problem. If the gov checks out, that tranny need to be overhauled.
Screenshot (424).png


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Check the ID plate and report back, I will give better instructions.

I normally never go on the trans forum. But you can try a additive which is called trans fix from Lucas oil, this is a last ditch effort, maybe I wrote that wrong but here is the link.


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I saved a daily driver for a old client in her volvo with this. I knew the car would outlast her, so I went last ditch.

I hate being the guy that say`s this or that product work`s, not my style, but lucas makes a good product for just this. However, it is only temporary.

try this video out!!;):bat:



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I hope I did not mislead you, this is not my area of specialty, I am mostly a diagnostic guy and my english sucks. :D:eek:


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A 2 speed power glide would fit nicely in your car. Try to find one, but if you can, you have a winner for sure, those 2 speeds are bullet proof.

Here is a fun video.



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My best street racer was my tremec T-5 long throw. What a beast of this 302, I had a buddy who used to race me with a stang with a powerglide chevy with a conversion to the 302. We had some fun nights.
ok what i have found on the 200 metric it could be a stuck pressure valve in the valve body or the seals have gotten hard and need more line pressure to seal off completely also check the trottle cable for proper adjustment the end at the carbuator are known to break


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Did you check throttle adjustment cable as BP said? If you don't have proper kickdown, that is the first place to look. BP is the resident guru for trannies.

I would follow his advice. ;):bat: