Remember the TH200 metric?


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Ok, not even close. I am sorry, I cannot provide what you are asking for.

I know I am not of much help here.


Like they say, a th350 is quite the beast. But I just re-read the thread, you still have not given the engine. Is it a 454? I only see specs for a 350, but bell housing should be plug and play.

If you have a big block in this caprice, that th200 is not going to cut it. Just my $.02


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I hope I will get banned on this one. This site is a freebee and alot of guy's give good insight, so you can go screw yourself, and consider me or you insulted.

Billr or maybe Dan will probably tell me to calm down. But screw you!! I have put to much time here and won't take the fact that I have a "knack" for clouding issues.

I feel like a sucker cuz you just got under my skin. Bravo.

Eat shit Stuart. If we would work in a garage together, I would have called you out in a big way. But seeing the BAT site is a community effort, I will offer another stiff upper lip.

If you don't like my advice or others, look elsewhere. I don't even know why I am pissed offed on your comment. I guess I am just a bit subcontinent. You come here with 3 posts and think you are the shyte.

Better to be more inclusive than exclusive.

Ok, I think I said all I had to say now. F$ck you. And your TH200 can go where the sun don't shine.

Yeah, got that off my chest now. ;):bat::giveup:


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Christ, now I remember why I get irate. I need to chill out more. Taking stuff personal is not a good thing.

Focus on my uncle, I just wish he will go and not suffer more than he needs to.

I am not sorry for my outburst, I think it was justified.

I don't like myself when I have to say sorry. I feel like a heel. But in no way did I think I gave you bad advice. If you feel I did so, open a thread in the tranny forum and advise US with your wisdom.

For starters you gave information about 2 completely different transmissions then carried on with a bunch of useless drivel.

Gave wrong information and could not read what engine the person has.

Call me out if you like.

Before this site was shut down and taken over by new people I was the transmission guru and made several donations to keep it afloat.

Kiss your own ass.


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This was not my best reply. I feel like shyte and I know I did a transference. Just hoping I will get that 23$hr job. That would be a huge winner.
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MAKE: Chevrolet
Hey guys:

I have a non-lockup 200 metric trans in my '77 Caprice coupe, maybe one of the few still being used. Anyway, the thing is acting up and I'm curious whether it could be caused by something accessible from the outside, or it is more serious than that.

Here's what's happening:

Cold or hot, there is a delayed, soft engagement into Drive. Reverse is prompt and has firm engagement. When driving away in Drive, there is pronounced clutch slippage/shudder with application of the throttle...until the engine rpms rise, at which point the clutches grab and there is no more slippage.

If the rpms drop below 1500 or so at the point the shift to 2nd is about to occur, 2nd will also slip briefly. However, if I am on the gas, no slippage. Shifts are on time and feel good. I will also mention that shifting to manual 2nd or low mostly mitigates the slippage, but it will slip briefly until the rms (pressure) builds.

So, here's something a little different. This trans appears to be damaged but not "burned up" . Any ideas what could be going on? Thanks.
The only adjustments possible on this transmission are to fluid level, manual linkage and TV cable.

Make sure the fluid level is correct.

Given the age there is a possibility the breather is plugged. Mud wasps like to build a home around the breather.

This will show a higher fluid level but actually be a few quarts shy.

Next is make sure the TV cable is adjusted properly.

If after you have done this the problem still exists drop the pan and look for junk.
With that age the internal seals are no doubt shrunk and hard.
Stuart Anderson i have already suggested this but thanks for bringing it back last i read he didnt check the TV cable you know where the end breaks off them