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Wiring diagrams

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    MODEL: Suburban
    YEAR: 1990
    MILES: 236653
    ENGINE: 5.7L
    DESCRIBE ISSUE....I need the wiring diagrams so I can find out why it has no dome lights or horn and the horn fuse blows out instantly.
  2. no time to explain right now-
    I think dome and horn same fuse SO
    remove horn relay - does the fuse still blow?
    yes - ck cig lighter
    no - then advise me as another diagram needed

    Dome lights - front and rear inop?
    Glpve box llight ?

    Sorry GTG
  3. Ok, me being the asshole I like to be, if that fuse is blowing instantly, short to ground, don't pass go and collect 200$

    You wanted a wiring, you may not like it. Horn is not on dome light circuit. So mostly a bad wiring job, or a fuse block problem. Cig lighter is on horn circuit, start there, dome light is another issue.

    See ace 0 pdf.
  4. was busy this morning and had to run -
    I saw this for fuse box and posted about possible same fuse let us know, these older models are a PIA for getting good diagrams.

    Also do the underdash entry lamps come on when door opened OR headlight switch turned full bright ?

    double check that lighter - anything plugged into that or ALDL ?