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help: Problem with brakes going flat to floor- have bled and just replaced my drum brakes, other brakes done also but brake pedal still goes flat to floor????

please could you give me some advice as to what I should do from here???? thank you in advance

toyota hilux
I was a contributing technician about 20 years ago. Got caught up with running my business and left this place. I recently retired. Came back to contribute and give myself something to do. When I left this place was rocking. Now it's all but dead.
Did you ever get help with this? It may be the coil for the number 6 cylinder. Let me know if I can help you.
I guess it would have been better if I added the code. P0306. The code that normally shows up is a P1311. That had not showed up for a bit. My Ford Taurus 1999 SE just started running awful. Chugging, running super rough. Was wondering if anyone could help me. I dont wanna take it to a repair shop and end up paying for things I dont need. Thanks