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    RE:94 Subaru Loyale makes hissing sound then it quits running

    How long does this take to happen after first starting the engine cold?
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    97 rear brake problem

    If the squeek comes and goes as the wheel is turning slower and slower then the drum is out of round. The dumbest case is cheap new shoes, worse case you will need new drums, normal case is to have the drums turned. Sillyest case is you didnt adjust the shoes out far enough, start there.
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    2000 Honda Passport 3.2 , poor idle in gear at stops

    On the little older models that I get to work on, when you monitor the IACV with a scanner while you put the tranny into gear, the computer tells the IACV to allow more air in as putting the tranny into gear adds an additional load to the engine and the idle needs to increase a little. I would...
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    2000 Honda Passport 3.2 , poor idle in gear at stops

    High Idle speed and Fluctuation troubleshooting Leaking EACV- Disconnect EACV connector. Idle speed should decrease. With the connector disconnected block the hole in the intake port or pinch the hose from the air cleaner to the EACV. If the idle speed decreases the valve is leaking. This...
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    97 accord v6 problem

    Your tach signal comes from the ignition coil, this signal is also fed to the computer, hense a code.
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    99 mitsubitshi eclipce

    If you can get a shop with a dual trace oscilloscope AND A PRESSURE TRANSDUCER to screw it into a spark plug hole and use the second trace to hook up to the same spark plug wire (externally grounded spark plug), if the dual trace picture is easily readable, I can show you how to tell if the belt...
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    p0108 on 1998 honda civic

    The Bulletin number is V-2-01. Date of Issue Jan. 8/2001. Year/Model 1996 - 2000 Non V-Tec Civic Subject Title: MAP SENSOR FAILURE IN COLD TEMPERATURES The bulletin lists one part # for the kit. 04161-P2E-305 Will this help any???
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    What is the best set of computer-based manuals for a shop?

    Wow, sorry I missed out on this thread. So for any future interests, I have a MOD 2005 DVD set available at a great deal for anyone checking archives. OF course this would be for shops that do not work on brand new still in warantee cars.
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    spark testers

    I believe that device was built for other purposes but kind of works for cars so someone boxed it up as such. There is a tester (but expensive) that uses a similar light but it is built to use in series to the plug wire and it is very accurate but I would not use the one you have as it is too...
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    Tires and nitrogen

    I didnt say anything at first because it had been too long since I actually used Nitrogen in tires or accumulator bottles but since this thread started I have been back to a job where Nitrogen is used daily. The pressure does change with ambient temperature in exactly the same type of case...
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    89 Camry Wagon Automatic Shoulder Belt

    IF it appears that you have messed with it, that alone may void the warantee so take it in to get fixed first, it should be free, does the full warantee cover the entire system or just the belt itself.............
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    starting problems

    A little extra juice in a new battery helps push the starter through its bad spots, I would have the starter tested on the car via an Oscilloscope AMP RAMP of the starter power wire during a cranking event while disabling the fuel, do not disable spark if you dont have to.
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    '93 Honda Accord Cruise

    All used OEM parts removed from a recycled car (EBAY), all new OEM parts from the dealer or several places on the web (GOOGLE)(EBAY) for new or aftermarket, even JCWhitney.
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    Tire pressure monitor light not going off

    It sounded more like NTB did the work, not that the parts were not OEM???
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    Tire pressure monitor light not going off

    Many many independent shops use the Tech2 Scanner, call around and ask if they can reset your year make and model tire pressure sensor.