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    Technical Links ( Post your links here )

    Small Block Chevy Info
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    Misc. Technical Info

    C.R. = Compression Ratio S.V. = Swept Volumer C.B. = Cylinder Bore Diameter C.V. = Cleavrance Volume H.V. = Head Volume (Measured) E.D.V. = Effective Dome Volume D.V. = Deck Clearance; Below Deck = negative Above Deck = Positive G.V. = Gasket Volume G.I. = Gasket Inside Diameter...
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    Automotive Definitions

    A ABS Anti-lock Braking System ABDC After Bottom Dead Center A/C Air Conditioning Acc Accessories ACL Automatic Chassis Lubrication System ACP Air Conditioner Pressure sensor ACT Air Charge temperature A.I.R. Air Injection Reaction system AIS Automatic Idle Speed AICS Air Induction Control...
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    About BAT Auto Reviews

    In this series of automotive product reviews, the BAT AUTO staff will take a look at tools and/or products and events that we think most of you who visit our forum will find useful. There's quite a diversity of people who visit our forums. From the housewife who needs general guidance before...
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    By Peter (Cat), BAT Auto Technical Four Wheel Alignment is necessary on today's design vehicles, yet it remains a mystery to most people. Correct Alignment and a properly operating suspension are vital to vehicle control, not only for safety but also for comfort when driving a vehicle. There is...
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    Tires - The Front Line

    By Paul, BAT Auto Technical There aren't too many parts of our vehicles that see the front lines of abuse more than the tires on our vehicles. Given what they give in exchange for the service they require is really not a lot in comparison. First and foremost is the correct pressure. So what is...
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    Front Disc Brake Service

    A How-To article by Alan Trimble, Associate Editor Does your car make awful grinding or squealing noises every time you apply the brakes? Does your steering wheel shake like crazy when the brakes are applied? If you answered "yes" to either of the above questions, your front...
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    By Alcan, BAT Auto Technical All brake fluids must meet U.S. Federal Safety Standard (USFSS) #116. Under this standard are Department of Transportation (DOT) minimal specifications DOT 3, 4, and 5.1 for Polyalkylene Glycol Ether (glycol) based fluids, and DOT 5 for Silicum-based Polymer...
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    Ford Trucks: Snap, Crackle And Pop

    by Paul Amero, BAT Auto Technical There are a lot of Ford trucks on the road, both old and new. Today we are going to focus on the older ones, late eighties to mid nineties. These trucks for a variety of reasons have suffered from frame and suspension noises. Because of the length of the frames...
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    Product Review on the Tracerline Lamps

    Product review ratings: FIRST: Overall Quality...................................EXCELLENT!!! Ease of Use........................................EXCELLENT!!! (lightweight, easy to handle, rechargeable, adjustable-focus beam,"instant on" (no warm-up time required),BRIGHT, Xenon-filled...
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    Product Review on the Tracerline Lamps

    The next step is to add the TRACERLINE "Fluoro-Lite" dye into the system. The "BigEZ" system makes adding the dye a snap. The cartridge is granulated in 1/8 oz measurements. The formula is 1/8 oz of dye to every 5 oz's of system lubricant. On our test vehicle, this would equal to 1/4 oz of dye...
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    Product Review on the Tracerline Lamps

    UV/BLUE Contact Information: Phone: 800-274-8888 MODEL # TP-8300 and also the: OUTSIDE U.S. & CANADA: Phone: 516-333-4840 Tracerline Products Website e-mail: Universal kit, TP-9742CS Product review performed by: Bruce Bonebrake Managing Editor at BAT AUTO...
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    Misinformation Can you believe everything you read?

    I don’t know how many of you belong to or utilize iATN in your daily operations; I find it to be an important tool in our knowledge toolbox within my four shops. However, a recent post by someone who categorizes himself as an “Educator/Instructor/Consultant” has highlighted a problem in our...
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    Plastic Lens Replacement

    This repair article will show you some of the more simple repairs involving the removal and replacement of plastic auto lenses. Occasionally these lenses will become broken or damaged and need replacement. The tools needed to complete the work can vary depending on the type of fastener used. In...
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    Where Do I start??

    by BAT Auto Technical Most of you have run into a problem, where you don't quite know where to start. So we'll cover the basics. Remember that these are only basic things and each circumstance may be different. Use common sense and the proper tools. No matter what problem it is, the very...