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    need an ob2 scanner that does bi-directional testing. Activating solenoids, be put in use all the time. Any recomendations?
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    Runs terrible at times

    Have you checked the fuel psi regulator? Could be it. Sounds like it's flooding out after awhile. Usually leaks through vacuum hose side. Just check it out before going any further.
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    Spark issue

    So it looks like i have to do a leak-down test....thanks NickD
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    How to remove electrical connector from brake light switch_1987 Toyota Camry

    If my memory serves me right. The brake pedal assy may need to be removed in order to gain full access to the switch. However, you mentioned about the brake light staying on. Couldn't it be just an adjustment? Well I can be wrong but just look it over again. Hope this helps. Good luck
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    Spark issue

    I do get a p0171 and p0174. The condition of the vehicle did run bad. I replaced the intake gaskets. Now the vehicle runs great now. But these codes keep comming up. The pcv is located in the throttle body. However, I do have a light rear main seal oil leak. Would this (main seal oil leak)...
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    Spark issue

    2003 Ford f-150 4.2l, 160,000 miles. My main problem first is that on bank 1 side. Cylinders 1,2,3. Have a KV meter put on it then I get 4.5k to 6k volts on that side only. On the bank 2 side 4,5,6. Then get 17k on each of ignition wires or better. Have replaced coil pack. Ignition wires and...
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    shift solenoid

    This is my car and need to bypass the steering wheel shift lock solenoid. The key is not turning the ignition to the run position. This s a 5 speed stick ....not automatic. I can turn car on at this point but cannot turn steering wheel over. At this point and need a wire schematic so I...
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    2002 toyota camry p1346

    Ok l did replace the pcm and still had same issue, same code. The oil had been changed and is clean. like I said. In stating my question? What is considered slack on the chain? how much is a little to stipulate a code?
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    2002 toyota camry p1346

    2002 Toyota Camry 2.4 L 136k miles p1346 ok...I went through the book on this one and needed to know how much slack in the timing chain would set this code off. I did take valve cover off and noticed some slack. Meaning .....I was able to move the timing chain up and down at top...
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    Honda radio needs reset

    Radio must come out. Call your local dealer. There are numbers in rear part of radio that the dealer requires. put radio back together. Follow the prompts the dealer gives.
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    Toyota 2.4L misfire, HERE'S A GOOD ONE TO FIGURE OUT.

    Clear the codes., Disconnect the battery for about 5 to 10 min. But Just asking...Have you cleaned out the throttle body. See if there is gunk in there. Clean with throttle body cleaner only. Also check for vacuum leaks. Also check to see there is a leak inside (rare case) inside the vacuum...
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    Trouble codes P0301,P0300,P0304

    I'm sorry using a cell phone I mean good luck and previous sentence spark plugs.
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    Trouble codes P0301,P0300,P0304

    I believe on this engine you have separate coils for each cylinder. Swap out the the #1 for #2 & #4 for the #3. To see if codes change. Also check condition of spark plug. The p0300 is a random misfire. But the p0301 and p0304 pinpoint to that cylinder problem. Also was there oil in the...
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    2004 dodge durango 4.7L

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: dodge MODEL: durango YEAR: 2004 MILES: 120k ENGINE: 4..7 DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Just wanted to know the engine coolant operating temperature? My info has n/a.
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    2001 Lesabre braking pull revisited

    ........3) Moderate braking, same thing as hard braking, except steering wheel only tweaks about 5 degrees to the right, and the car brakes and tracks straight while braking...........sounds like front end play to me. Have you checked the lower control arm bushings (vertical bushings)...