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    ABS,ESP,BAS malfunction indicators on. Code U1417 from ignition diagnosis.

    Yes, the code only indicates there is some kind of problem with the system. It could be F or R, a sensor, wiring, ABS, CAN, PCM itself, or even the programming for all those controllers. You need to do (or have done) comprehensive trouble-shooting. Otherwise, you will keep "throwing parts at...
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    2006 Buick Rendezvous windshield wiper motor

    By "it" do you mean the fuel pump? At this point, the FP itself is no more likely than any of the other parts in the fuel system. I would start this search using a voltmeter to check power at the last connector before the FP. Leave the pump connected and "back-probe" the connector, connecting...
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    2006 Buick Rendezvous windshield wiper motor

    Be sure to trouble-shoot the fuel pump circuit, using a voltmeter, before just throwing a pump at it.
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    Trying new tool company, wanted to know if any of you guys use em.

    Yeah, those plastic boxes are far too bulky for me. If all my hand tools were in plastic boxes like that, I would need a steamer trunk to carry them around, not a tool box...
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    2006 Buick Rendezvous windshield wiper motor

    Wow, there has been way too much"expert" blather and FUD here! I will try again to get this back "on track" and helping the OP. Confirm: this is a "crank-but-no-fire" situation, not a "no-crank"? Can you hear the fuel pump come on for a couple of seconds when going KOEO? Have you checked for...
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    2006 Buick Rendezvous windshield wiper motor

    What specific "solenoid or black box" got replaced?
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    2006 Buick Rendezvous windshield wiper motor

    The pictures I see of that wiper motor assembly show a 5-pin connector. Which two should have 25 ohms between them? Are you even sure about that 25 ohms? That would be only 1/2A current, not enough, I think, for a wiper motor.
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    2006 Buick Rendezvous windshield wiper motor

    Does anybody have a schematic of this wiper circuit they can post? I would like to try helping this OP, not just throw out ambiguous info or useless trivia.
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    Burned Bolt EV

    Hey nickb2, I think those two attachments were meant for other threads. I'll fill you in later on where I am in my EV quest and why that hopeless burned Bolt has my interest.
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    ignition key does not always want to turn

    Do the door locks use the same key? If it works OK in them, then just getting a new key probably won't be a sure cure. Also, getting a new cylinder with its own new key will be a bit of a nuisance; needing one for the doors and the other for ignition.
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    Riddle me this, Batman...

    Yeah, it has been run for one more job; probably the last time it will ever be used. I cleaned the crank journal and swapped in a rod from another old B & S engine. I don't do much yard work either, that is my wife's thing. I keep the machinery running and help when she has to have two...
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    Burned Bolt EV

    I'm thinking of bidding on this one. Anybody have a guess as to what is over there on the passenger-side to burn like that?
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    2018 Honda Civic Scraping Sound...from transmission????

    I assume those three required "oil changes" were for engine oil, not trans fluid, correct? I can't image Honda would require even one trans fluid change in just 25K miles. Escalate this to the Honda "regional " level.
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    1988 Ford Ranger 2.9 Missing

    Connect a voltmeter between the O2 sensor signal wire and engine/chassis ground. Use long leads, so you can observe the voltmeter while driving the car. The O2 sensor should "toggle" back-and-forth from a reading below .45V to a reading above .45V, at a slow (1-2 Hz) rate. Typically, the...
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    2011 Sienna with Braun Handicap chair lift>> Door and lift automatically opens without demand with no call for it. It will also close by itself.

    Whoa! I think all you know right now is that the problem is probably in the Braun system and not the stock Toyota. No telling yet just which Braun part is bad. Don't throw parts at it unless they are very inexpensive (not likely).