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    98 Stratus Oil leak (Massive)

    CAmshaft seal has either self destructed or has been dislodged. I have seen both. Both will leak oil 1 qt every 10 miles.
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    98 Stratus Oil leak (Massive)

    This is most likely a head gasket or sender if leaking from rear. Sender is easy to eyeball. I have seen them lose their seal and leak quick. A 1998 had a organic head gasket from the factory and are notorious for leaking from upper driver side area where the oil feed is located in the block...
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    A604 solenoid gasket leaking again 6 months after replacement: Need some ideas

    I replaced a solenoid pack that the base of the pack was warped. You can check with a machinist's straight edge. IMHO, get a new pack and gasket and be done with it.
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    Two Little A604's - One Big Dilemma

    BTW, I tow other cars with my Town and Country. Be light on the gas pedal and keep it in "3". The trans has 188K on it and still runs strong.
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    Two Little A604's - One Big Dilemma

    Yes....I am here! Been busy but stumbled on this. Diff's can be swapped out but there are two parameters that must be met. The differential itself has to be "pre-loaded" with a certain amount of "crush" by adjusting the select shim in the steel (not the aluminum extension) bearing cup, behind...
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    RTV on tranny fluid pan? Flush additive?

    Agree with Jim.
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    a604 snaprings

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    A604 41TE

    Bonded pistons are updated where the lip seal is part of the piston itself. Since the trannies at the factory are assembled 100% by machines, not having to have a machine install the seals on the piston is one less step. Bonded pistons make the difference in production. In essence, you chuck...
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    Timing Belt

    I believe model year 1997 was the cut line for interference engine on the 3.5 liter.
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    Need ignition lock cylinder for 98 Dodge G. Caravan: What brand to buy?

    Most excellent! Best wishes! Cheef
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    Need ignition lock cylinder for 98 Dodge G. Caravan: What brand to buy?

    D*E*A*L*E*R! The lockset from dealer will be made in USA by Briggs and Stratton, as all American auto manufacturers locks are. Autozone will be a made in China knock off that won't fit and won't last. Just spend the $94 and be done with it. My two bits. Cheef
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    2002 chrysler town and country

    Amen. Starter.
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    2001 stratus SE doesnt move

    DISCONNECT the 8 way solenoid block connector (rectangular black connector with single 8mm screw in middle) on the front/radiator side of the transmission and see what happens. You should have 2nd (in "D" "3" or "L") and Reverse in "R". If not, transmission is likely internally damaged and...
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    2003 Neon Tranny Problem!Please Help.

    Pull the 8 way connector off the solenoid block (you CANNOT just change a solenoid, they are all in that big aluminum block radiator side of transmission) and clean connector and pins real good with some CRC electronic contact cleaner. The P0755 is generally an electrical issue, NOT a TCM...
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    Timing belt replacement: 1998 Dodge Neon 2.0 SOHC

    "Not a hard job just time consuming and very tight work area...." unless you have hands of a five year old and semi rigid bones. You will also need a forcing cone to get the pulley back on the crankshaft. Long bolt with some washers and a nut might work if the bolt is high grade. The OTC kit...