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    Chain saw won't start hot

    So tell me, is it a Husqvarna? Husq's are famous for this exact thing....
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    Toyota T-100 head scratcher

    I would hire you in a heartbeat Nick but sadly enough, USA here....
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    2002 Honda Civic Electrical gremlin

    field wire grounding out.....seen it before. It causes hell in the electrical system. Check the wires going to and from the alternator. Possibly you may have a wire that broke inside the insulation but the insulation is still intact. Feel the wires and look for a spot it bends more easily than...
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    What is the wierdest tool you ever fabricated under duress??

    I took a dinner fork and made a tool for cleaning out the impeller seal and shaft on a huge chopper pump for pumping out the manure lagoons on dairys to the sprinkler carts and gun to distribute cow manure to the field for fertilizing. I put 2 good bends in it and the company that made the pump...
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    Mechanic put on incorrect part. Warranty expired. Advice?

    an engine rebuild and they replaced or took out a tranny part? are you messing with us?
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    E4OD pan bolts

    M Hamilton I would check the wiring harness and connectors while you are under that thing if the pan is that beat up. Sounds like a little 4x4ing might have beat it up? The E4OD is electronically controlled and good connections are vital to the life of this transmission. 4x4ing or anything...
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    lost in a clear cut somewhere...look for flying wrenchs!

    lost in a clear cut somewhere...look for flying wrenchs!
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    CV boot repair

    believe it or not, I have used rubber cement (after an extremely good cleaning) and a chunk of heavy heavy duty silage wrap plastic or silage tube plastic. I wrap it around the whole boot in a strip where the hole is and sometimes use 2 or three stacked.
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    Spraying Metalic Paint Issue

    dont buff the clear coat down that far and let it dry longer before you shoot the first clear coat
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    Searching for piston rings

    pm'd you
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    ford E4OD shifting

    check the wire harness at the tranny and make SURE it has a PERFECT CONNECTION.... won't shift right if the wiring is even slightly fubared in any way
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    1990 Buick Century

    a lot of our trans guys are out right now...
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    98 Escort not sure where this noise is coming from

    cool!! GREAT WAY to show us symptoms!!! That was awesome!! Thanks and glad you got it fixed!!
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    97 Isuzu Rodeo overheating problems possibly a blown headgasket?????

    my experience with these have been that rodeos have weak heads and weak head gaskets...and driving it while overheating til it shit off would pretty much tell me you are going to need a new head, head gasket, or both. Try what Billr recommended, but I think you are beating a dead horse here...
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    Homelite Blower model UT 08544 click on figure a