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    Heater Core Replacement

    3.8 hr. reg. time for heater core with air and factory warranty time is only 2.4 hr. How would you like to be a dealership tech? But not all dash is removed for just heater core just trim and outside shell more or less. Good luck.
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    2003 S-10 transmission issues

    Are you checking the fluid engine running or engine off? Has filter and fluid been changed?
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    2003 KIA SORENTO---transmission codes---HELP!

    As said you need to start a new thread and givr all and more info. Like what it is doing or not doing and what is acting up, Code P0070 is a abs code. Code P0707 is a transmission inhibitor switch problem.
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    2004 Expedition water dripping from muffler

    Mufflers are like AC units. Should drain out moisture and condensation. Drain holes on mufflers and resonators should be on rear with rear lower than front of muffler. Sometimes stop up and water may leak out muffler seams. Just make sure drain is open and at lowest point of muffler. Reminds me...
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    2006 dodge grand caravan V6

    Was the code cleared after repair? And did it return?
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    46re P1764 Gov Press sensor voltage low code AGONY!!!

    I would get a repair flow chart for that code and go all of the way threw it.
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    Have you ever used waterglass?

    Connie Not good in a transmission but does work in engines. :ROFL Old timers and used car places used it a lot back in the old days. Crunch
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    water glass- have you ever used it and what was the outcome?

    Hello Connie As Jim said it does not work with antifreeze. But does do it job when mixed with water. Nasty smelling stuff and likes to eat up water pumps and stop up rad and heater cores. Hard to get in my neck of the woods. Drug stores and swimming pool supply places sometimes will get it for...
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    91 chevy blazer trany vs. 94 chevy blazer trany

    To use the non electronic transmission you will need to add the TV cable and brackets setup from a 91. And rewire lockup clutch solenoid if you want it to work.
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    Caravan transmission service?

    Old fluid and filter will cause a lot more problems that new fluid and filter. People that service filter and fluid have a lot less transmission problems. Good Luck.
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    Caravan transmission service?

    Did you check the mantiance history? It may have had regular service. No flush or fancy stuff. A pan drop and filter change is the way to go. And use the Mopar fluid.
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    Caravan transmission service?

    Use the New Dodge/cry type fluid from dealer.
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    99 plymouth breeze 2.4L

    WHAT WAS THE CODE NO FOUND? After a repair always clear codes and see what returns.
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    Wheel hub nut torque on 02 AWD Astro

    Where did you find that at GUS?
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    Wheel hub nut torque on 02 AWD Astro;jsessionid=F0wnmy1F8tNnyR5yLhhF7zlxBpDnnffGq1k66BQmJBpGGSn93QTL!802935062!NONE#honda