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    2011 Hyundai Elantra Front Left Turn signal flashes fast

    Invest in a power probe never worry about chasing a good ground, right to the battery anywhere in the vehicle. I love this thing
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    Duramax stalled and no start

    Have to watch closely on these newer diesels especially the Ford. Cranking with no fuel burns up the injector tips!!
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    RH Front flasher inop

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    RH Front flasher inop

    Check your grounds on each socket. If ground is bad it uses the other filament to complete the circuit
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    Duramax stalled and no start

    Should have pump in tank. Go to rockauto and see if they list one for truck
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    Duramax stalled and no start

    Should be but only while cranking
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    I have a dream. Advice on how to proceed needed. Plz read.

    Just because you do not attend any church or believe yourself, they can still be a good access to your community to help. If you approach them with your idea and show them you do not have an agenda other than to help people I think you will find a very willing audience. Just a thought
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    I have a dream. Advice on how to proceed needed. Plz read.

    Have done similar things for years. I was a mechanic for a bus company for many years and all the mechanics were Jehovah's Witness. Now every Friday night after work they would stay and fix cars for single moms or people in dire need from their group.I learned from that and got a group of...
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    Duramax stalled and no start

    Are you sure they did not put gas into it? Sure sounds like they did to me even a 50 50 mix will smell like diesel. Put some on a rag and try to light it. Diesel will not but a mix will
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    2011 chevy silverado 2500HD 6.6 duramax diesel won't start

    If the injectors have a line nut you can crack the nut while cranking ti help get air out
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    Best day after buying a boat is the day you sell it.

    Boat is a big whole in the water you throw money into!!!
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    again, for those atheist

    Especially for you Nick, saying prayers for your sister
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    Chain saw won't start hot

    No it is a McCullogh
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    2012 Nissan Sentra MPG

    No one ever said the government is correct, the term is estimate. That is under ideal conditions with a 100 mph tailwind going down hill in neutral. No actual connection to reality
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    Ignition key and tumbler

    When in doubt I take to my local locksmith and he can tell me. My guy can also program most keys as well these days