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    2011 Hyundai Elantra Front Left Turn signal flashes fast

    Yeah we had tranny problems so I took it into the tranny shop. They ran diagnostics and that's where I found out about the turn codes. Ok I'll check the ground in the 2 rear lights. One question. Where will I find a good known ground at the rear of this vehicle. I think I'll try running a...
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    2011 Hyundai Elantra Front Left Turn signal flashes fast

    I think the front ones do. But not the back. Thats another thing I just remembered. The back lights are 1156a and I put 1156 in. Not sure what the a is for.
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    2011 Hyundai Elantra Front Left Turn signal flashes fast

    FL turn signal flashes fast then completely quits as soon as you turn on the parking lights. Took the car into a trany shop and they said I had turn signal codes. They later cleared the codes because I told them I replaced the bulbs. b2521 RR turn signal b2518 FT turn signal I spent the 2nd half...
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    Flickering oil gauge needle.

    140000 miles sorry about that. There's no idle problem. At least not yet. I got it checked for codes. There were none. I've only seen it do this when the engine is at normal running tempeture and at idle. "Bad circuit in sender" Where would that be located. I had a chilton for this turck but of...
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    Flickering oil gauge needle.

    I just started noticing this in the last week. I only drive a coulple miles back and forth to work. But yesterday we drove about 60 miles round trip. And every time I came to a stop and the truck would idle down. The oil gauge would go nutts. Its never done this before. I may be the culprit...
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    Very difficult starting

    We bought this car back in February I think. One car owner. My girlfriend really wanted this car. And we were tired of looking. It had a clean car fax, how could we go wrong. And those were my last famous words. Figured out that the car had been wrecked. Over the last 5 to 6 months its been...
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    Possible tranny problem

    Well its been over a month since my last post. I never did put the new rubber coolant lines on. I drain some tranny fluid out the coolant lines. And got the level down to about a 1/4 " above the top hash line. Haven't had any problems until the other day. As I was leaving my dads the other day...
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    Possible tranny problem

    Well I finally got my codes ran and the guys said there were no codes. I forgot I had that thing going 90mph on the express way. I bought new rubber coolant lines and I might drain some tranny fluid today. I was just going to drain it out of the coolant lines instead of dropping the pan.
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    Possible tranny problem

    Well its been a week and I didn't really get anywhere. I had to relearn how to check tranny fluid levels. After haveing that manual 5 speed for over 5 years I litterally think I forgot how to check automatic tranny fluid. After a few days I realized the temp gauge may have said normal operating...
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    Possible tranny problem

    2002 Ford Ranger edge 135000 miles 3.0 My girlfriend noticed the overdrive off light came on about a year ago. And I noticed it a month ago or so. And again today. I checked the fluid level and it was at the bottom hash line so I put in a half a quart. I checked the level again and it was about...
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    2002 ranger 3.0 heater core hose leak

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: Ford MODEL: Ranger YEAR: 2002 MILES: 130000 ENGINE: 3.0 DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Its leaking at a tee on top of the engine one goes to the front of the motor the other goes to the heater core not sure where the other goes. Its leaking pretty...
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    The transmission is clunking in reverse.

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Volts wagon MODEL:Jetta Wolfsburg edition YEAR:2007 MILES:145,000 ENGINE:2.5 DESCRIBE ISSUE.... The transmission is clunking in reverse. I'm guessing the transmission fluid has never been changed. And I am wondering if changing it at this...
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    Coolant leak

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: Jeep MODEL: Grand Cherokee Laredo YEAR: 2000 MILES: Unkown ENGINE: 4.0 liter power tek DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Tricky finding this coolant leak. But I'm getting closer. It leaked during warm up. Once it was warmed up it stopped leaking coolant...
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    1984 Chevy Monte Carlo Emissions Elimination

    I think yours is a Feed back Carb Judging by this info: Yours has the O2 sensor right on the drivers side exhaust manifold.
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    Gas gauge not working

    He said all the fuses and relay's are good. Next thing would be to double check all of them again. This is where it gets interesting. We pushed the car into the garage and you could hear a real high pitched sound barely. I asked him if the key was on and he said it wasn't. He could hear it too...