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    Battery option’s for 2006 Ford Mustang?

    DITTO! I have a couple of antique autos and I charge the batteries every 30 days. On long term storage (over 60 days) I keep a trickle charger on them. Most auto stores will carry these and they are very inexpensive.
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    1965 Plymouth Valiant Starter Gear

    Having a few old cars myself I have run into similar issues. Have you tried more than one starter? Maybe even a different brand? It couls be the reman company put the wrong gear on. Frat Fleet: 1964 Austin Healy 3000 BJ8 :) 1965 T-Bird Coupe :) 1965 T-Bird Convertible ;D 1994 Ford E-150...
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    02 ford mustang

    Could be. I am sure there is a way to bypass it, but I dont know what the process is, it is not in the Ford Service manual.
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    Briggs 4.5 hp wont start - power washer

    That did it ! fixed :thx 5 minutes and it started right up cost was $1.59 - for a new carb to fuel tank gasket and $3.89 for carb cleaner. Thanks!
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    95 Tbird Front Caliper bushings/Dust boot

    Easy, make sure you have a new set of boots first - pretty cheap the the auto parts store. Once you have the new ones then rip out the old ones, then apply a little dish soap to the new ones, to ease installation. I was able to do this with a needle nose plyer and a very dull flat blade...
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    92 lincoln towncar 160k

    Really a simple process. only issue I had on a Thunderbird was that there was too much broken cable left in the gear housing and the new ant would not quite retract 100% - maybe two inches were left sticking out. Once when I got bored I took the housing apart and removed the old chunk it...
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    Coolant Leak in 94 Crown Vic...

    I had a pin hole leak on a bypass hose - it was so fine you could not see it, it was spraying towards the radiator so i saw coolant dripping down the front of the radiator. Like a dumba$$ I replaced the radiator. When I put the new one in and got the same exact leak I finally dropped a shop...
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    e350 spark plug problems

    Transman is 100% correct. It starts by a ticking noise most think it is an exhaust leak but soon the motor will blow the now loose plug out, taking what little threads there are with it. If you are lucky and you cNget to the hole you can Helicoil it, if not the head may need to come off. BIG...
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    02 ford mustang

    try unlocking the door with the key, not the remote.
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    1995 & 1997 Crown Victoria P71 cars

    There may be a label under the fuel gauge that denotes premium fuel or maybe in the filler neck, after you pop open the gas door. We had a '92 it required Premium due to programming changes and a Superchip. Don't cut any of the blue silicone hoses in the engine compartment, we had a terrible...
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    Briggs 4.5 hp wont start - power washer

    Cool beans, thanks I will try that this weekend - too hot to powerwash anyway ;D
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    Briggs 4.5 hp wont start - power washer

    Ok, 2nd season with this Troy Power Washer with the 4.2 HP Briggs mdel 020245 motor. Always been a pain to start when cold. Now it wont start at all. Spark is good. If I prime 30-40 times it will run for a 5-6 seconds. I run premium gas ( i have a couple old cars that use Premium so I just...