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    2002 Civic ex Misfiring

    "I also got a code that said I have a Pcv valve leakage".....what is the code? What are the fuel trims doing? No restrictions to intake or exhaust?
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    Fuel fowling plugs..

    As Mobile Dan suggests it would be good to look at temp sensors. Maybe put a fuel pressure gauge on it.
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    P0538 fault code

    How is the AC working?
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    P006A- Ford Focus 1.6TDCI Econetic

    What brand MAF did you buy? What does it read on the scan tool?
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    2009 Saturn outlook/traverse/Acadia stabilitrak abs lights AWD off?

    You may want to start a new thread. This post is 2.5 years old. Are the tone rings good? No cracks like this.
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    Low clutch pedal engagement

    I would think a 30 year old Jeep may have a few issues. Good luck.
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    Low clutch pedal engagement

    Glad it's working good. What's next?
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    Low clutch pedal engagement

    Did the old clutch engage in this way?
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    Low clutch pedal engagement

    They need to measure the travel. If it's short there's either air in the system or the master is bad.
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    What are the aspects to consider before choosing an aerial lift?

    Do you think this is the best forum to ask this?
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    400 THM Cooler

    Top line is out of radiator and into transmission.
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    Facts about Brake Rotors You Should Know

    This post is a year and half old. Start a new thread on your problem.
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    Gauge cluster erratic

    Pull the cluster and solder the grounds as well as any cold solder joints.
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    abs fault

    I think you found your problem.
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    No start when turning key. No crank. Intermittent problem

    Ignition switch is easy enough to check when it happens. More than a little chance it could be the culprit.