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    P0751 2002 Chevy S10 Pickup. ZR2 182,000 miles

    The problem is you have fluid in the passages. I can imagine it would work but I've never tried it.
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    Muffler removal

    Pry them off.
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    Dashboard warning lights 1991 Eldorado

    You don't get any lights with the KOEO? I have the wiring diagrams for your vehicle. Do you want the cluster and IP?
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    A/C compressor leaking oil from center of compressor body ?

    I don't think it's pag you are seeing. Verify pressures before going in there.
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    P0751 2002 Chevy S10 Pickup. ZR2 182,000 miles

    Without more testing who knows. I would like to see what the pressures are doing when it slips. If pressure is good you will likely need to teat it down to fix it properly.
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    no spark issue

    Just do a scratch test of the coil.
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    no spark issue

    It's not likely that all three coils failed ar the same time. You have a crank sensor, cam sensor, Ignition Module, ECM and coil pack all of which are needed for spark control. Without a scope to properly check signal quality you will likely be throwing parts at it. I would suggest trying a new...
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    Błąd kodu P0401

    I'm lost.
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    FIXED! P0455 - 2017 Honda Pilot, 60k miles

    Nitrogen is a much smaller molecule and will find the smallest of leaks. We used simple green mixed 10 to 1 and sprayed things. Doesn't take but a few seconds to foam. Your smoke machine should have that capability.
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    FIXED! P0455 - 2017 Honda Pilot, 60k miles

    Makes you happy to beat it. These leaks can be a real pain. Glad it worked for you.
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    2003 subaru forester trouble codes po866

    What repair of TCM?
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    Miss firing and codes P0171 and P1406

    First thing is to change the plugs and wires. Still have a miss? Need to fix this SOON or you'll be needing a new cat. On second thought unplug the MAF and see how it runs.
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    Happy holidays

    Merry Christmas.