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    89 k1500 manual 5.7 Speedo odometer and tach not working

    Here's a wiring diagram for you. I have most anything you might need. Just holler.
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    PO101 Mass air flow.

    I would need to see the trims, load, maf, tps and rpm together for a couple minutes. You flashed through the trims in a couple seconds but I did see the LTFT were at 13 and 14 which means it's running lean.
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    2002 Buick fast idle

    No codes? Either the PCM or scan tool are having a problem.
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    Codes problems

    Do you have a dvom and wiring diagrams?
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    15 dodge ram 3.6 code p094

    Do you have a scan tool? Not a code reader. One that reads live data.
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    15 dodge ram 3.6 code p094

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    won't idle,2004 PT Cruiser,2.4.non turbo

    My money is on it being retarded a tooth or two.
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    Hole in radiator

    It's on another post. Shows the damage to the right front. It's totaled.
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    Hole in radiator

    He had pictures of the damage and it's toast.
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    2003 Hyundai Elantra charging problems

    Did you bother to see if it's blown.
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    2018 Acura TLX brake fluid question

    I should also clarify my statement. If the system was full the last time the brakes were done and there are NO LEAKS then the fluid will not be low enough to turn on the light before the pads are metal on metal.
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    2018 Acura TLX brake fluid question

    Worn brakes will not deplete the fluid level enough to turn on a light.