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    chev brakes

    first the pin on the combination valve has nothing to do with the porportioning valve but the metering valve, its actually a 3valve valve body containing: metering valve- delays the front brakes untill the rear drums can meet the pressure to overcome spring tension. Perportioning valve- because...
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    98 Cavalier - Strange Noise When Braking...

    i gotta restate my last comment alittle. your battery was recently replaced. it sounds like your abs is pre emptivly applying do you have any abs codes. i would check connections at the abs motor pack. you also could be feeding some oil into your vaccum booster. its unusuall but entirely possible.
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    98 Cavalier - Strange Noise When Braking...

    ok 1st the delphi VI is an awesome abs unit but a pain to work on. honestly unless your brakes feel spongy it wont be air. if there nice and solid it isnt air. and the abs selftest/rehome isnt sloshy sounding its 3 little high speed electric motors mooving pintles to apply the abs. and if it...
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    Dodge Raider

    holley tends to have better customer service and more adaptable carbs. so i would reccomend contacting holley and asking them about a replacement carb for that engine/year. they should be able to help you. i know they had a performance carb for my ol ladys old civic (i know... ich... i hated it...
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    thought it was the fuel pump

    did you check the resistance in the coils before you replaced it? and also did you check your ignition module (the part they mount to) or even the wires running to the module?
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    98 S-10 Electric issues.....driving me nuts!!

    it could potentially be shorted to voltage also lowering the resistance and Ramping up the amperage in the circuit. Does anything else turn on when you Pop the fuse.
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    2003 Focus SVT Alternator Issue

    have you checked your voltage/amperage when you full field the alternator. sometimes the testers in the store will not full field it. and is your voltage regulator inside the alternator. you can check that too if it isnt in it. and those little handheld batt testers are a pass/fail and arent...
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    1196 Jeep Cherokee no power to fuel pump

    given your issues i would have told you to replace the pump. sorry we didnt advise you to that sooner. even thou it fired up it didnt mean that the motor inside its not working properly. theres seals in there that can go bad and intermetialy make it loose pressure.
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    04 Grand Am No Start, PCM, BCM?

    i was gonna say with the replacement parts a mild corrosion on contacts will have the ad converter give the computer a weird pattern. im glad its fixed for you. instead of seeing 1010101100 the computer was seeing 1010DER010011001. :o sorry i didnt see your post earlyer my brother in law...
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    92 c+k 1500 brake pulsation

    theres usually only a few things that will cause a brake pedal pulse 1st is usually the rotor. 2nd is the hub is out of alignment (lateral runout) wich can be either the bearings or just some crap between the hub/rotor/wheel, also on subject did you over tighten the lug nuts that can cause alike...
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    weed eater gti 19t

    im looking for a engine/carb diagrahm my grandfather dissassembled and couldnt figure out how it goes together and he wont let me help(gotta love old guys) so i was wondering if someone knew where to get a diagrahm i can give him to use
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    99 300m

    What is the techinical name for the little clip on the side window that bolts to the window regulator
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    2001 Chevy Cavalier Brake lights

    have you had any work done on the brakes lately and does it come on during self test or during braking?
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    disc brake bleeding

    i was always taught the purist example of that plus it makes moving the piston back really easy. And on an older car there can be alot of debris in the brake fluid. when was the last time your fluid is flushed?
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    95 chevy suburban K1500 4X4 not working

    not 100% familiar is the front actuator vaccum or the electronic solenoid?