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    old school vs new

    In general, when a customer wants a trans service done the first question that should be asked is "are you having any problems". This is fairly common for people to experience a problem with there vehicle and think getting the transmission serviced will fix it. Sometimes a trans problem may...
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    2009 gmc k3500 sometimes no reverse or forward

    I would suspect the trans filter is getting choked up. Pull the pan and inspect.
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    99 3500 4L80E shifting problems

    It is pretty well certain than that your late harsh shifts were from your TPS. It is easy to inspect and clean a MAF and it can sometimes make a huge difference. As for the rich code this is usually resolved with plugs,wires,cap,rotor........
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    99 3500 4L80E shifting problems

    A dirty MAF sensor, vacuum leak, and/or a bad TPS could cause late hard shifts. An engine performance issue like a bad catalytic converter can also cause late hard shifts.
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    '98 Lexus LS400 - Off Throttle Down Shifts

    I see no programing update for your transmission. If your having some shift quality concerns from this electronically controlled transmission with no codes then there are many possiblities. The vehicle coasting into a turn and having a firm downshift as you get back into the gas exiting that...
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    Chrysler A604 differential pin

    The a604 transmission is not too bad of a transmission and yes I have seen alot of them at the trans shop i work for but you have to consider how many millions of these transmissions they have made as they put them into most of there front wheel drive vehicles for the last 15 years or better...
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    '97 Taurus GL Wagon 3.0L, 207.5k: Front Driver Ball Joint Won't Break Free

    I have a pitman arm puller made by OEM that i took to the grinder to get it to slide on top of the control arm then I center the bolt of the puller on the ball joint (nut removed) and impact it untill it pops free. I have done 100's of these to remove the engine cradle in order to get the...
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    a604 transacted spews tranny fluid from front pump seal.any ideas anyone?

    Did this leak develope all of sudden or progress from a drip into spewing fluid? Does this leak as soon as the vehicle is started, does it need to be driven, leaks as soon as fluid is put into it? Typically, a leak from the bellhousing area is from the pump seal getting hardened and wearing a...
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    old school vs new

    These transmission flushes have a higher tendency of becoming a dis-service than removing the pan and replacing the filter. The sump exam can indicate a healthy trans or not.
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    1998 Dodge Ram 1500 46RE: What happens if the trans. lines get reversed???

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    A604 2005 (41TE) Neon engages drive and reverse at same time HELP!!

    The only way I can see the solenoid block being related to this issue would be if they used the wrong gasket. The early and late solenoid blocks used different gaskets and they probably have an early gasket on a late block which would cause a cross leak.
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    98 ram 1500 wont shift out of 1st

    With an A518 trans stuck in 1st with no codes the most common i have experienced are oss, throddle valve cable misadjusted or valve stuck, or a front band/servo problem. When the Governor Pressure solenoid and transducer were installed what did the sump exam look like? lots of metal clutch...
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    1994 K1500

    Probably the easiest conversion would be a carburated SBC 350 with a 700r4 transmission. I personally would pick between 87-92 for both. It would still take some work but it should bolt in place without driveshaft or crossmember modifications. The transmission will need torque converter clutch...
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    Code P0741 in 2004 corolla

    "after ~50 miles, the trembling and the CELs came back again" "By the way, the first code that appears is always the P0741, the others come later. "smells like something is burning (which now we believe it's the smell of the transmission fluid overheating" "- P0741: converter clutch...
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    1997 sentra 1.6 auto 180K OD

    With the only problem being on the 1-2 shift it is unlikely a throddle valve or electrical problem.