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    1988 old school Ranger 2.9 stalling

    BAT used to have a section and maybe they still do where they reviewed car repair "stuff" and one was a gizmo called something like "What Quit First?" Electronic, it connected to the car's network and could tell if BAT's tech (I think it was Bruce) had disabled Fuel or Ignition causing the...
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    1988 old school Ranger 2.9 stalling

    I'm not a pro mechanic, just an old DIY and avid reader at BAT and other forums. 1. The Ignition Control Module/ICM, side mounted on the Distributor, is a Thick Film Integrated Circuit/TFI component. Ford made most of their OEM TFI ICM's and turned to Motorola to provide the rest. Many of Ford's...
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    Looking for vacuum hose routing for 2000 Blazer

    If you find an area where vacuum is being lost, but you can't get at it to fix it, follow what an auto electric guru taught me: If you know the Source, and you know the Destination, Don't worry about WHERE the break is - Just run a new line! In this pic of our Ford Van, the RED line is original...
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    ABS CODE C2200 with an interesting twist

    Left-Field kind of question, related to ABS but not the electronics... Each wheel has a gear-like "reluctor" and a magnetized sensor that "counts the teeth" to compare rotational speeds of the wheels. ABS electronics make decisions based on that information. I just wonder if there's...
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    2005 Cadillac SRX AWD with 3.6L engine won't start

    It's Chains, Tensioners, etc. Galore! At least they're all on one end unlike that terrible 4.0 Ford. I tried some lookups, and it seems this V6is "Northstar V8 Family." The site I found this pic on calls the engine "interference." And includes a warning to STOP DRIVING the car once the noises...
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    Opinions on drilled and slotted rotors

    Not hard mechanically to do some brake upgrades but gotta have all the little pieces. It's OK if you have access to a complete donor car. I did a Pontiac and a Dodge that way. Third was our Ford E450 RV and it was the easiest. All brand new parts from a 4x2 being upgraded to 4x4.
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    Opinions on drilled and slotted rotors

    Can you find out what the Police use with their Impalas?
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    Sonic coolant consumption

    If it was radiator you're fortunate. I set out to put a water pump on one of those biters. Daughter's friend, pro bono job. Found a failed O-Ring near or on the pump! Dollar or so, done and done. Everyone happy.
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    Random air conditioning blows hot air

    This oughta do it... Did you find debris on the Orifice Tube Screen? Delco started selling liquid line filters that were supposed to make flushing the system unnecessary. You really can't flush a cross flow Condenser (Evaporator for that matter) so replacing was a good move. Fords used to have...
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    Overheating problems

    Seems to me too, that it's blown a head gasket... Unless maybe a coolant passage in the intake manifold...? Would a simple Compression Test indicate a problem, even which cylinder? Blow-Down Test even better, might hear the leak by listening to Intake or Exhaust. Or are these tests inadequate...
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    Misfiring 454, 1990 non-HEI

    We need Zelda to get back with us and help clarify the situation. Maybe some pictures of the ignition components. Tomorrow will be a week that we've speculated but not heard back from Zelda.
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    Rear disc brake problems 2010 Camry

    I don't know if there's a word screen to keep me from saying This Sucks, but this sucks. I've heard that compression fittings as used on copper tubing won't work on brake likes, but I've also read, here, I believe, that there are now compression fittings for steel lines AND they work with brake...
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    Misfiring 454, 1990 non-HEI

    I wonder if it's terminology. Refresh my memory: Wasn't the name "HEI" first applied to the GM systems with the Electronics IN the Distributor AND the Coil in the Top of the CAP? If so, some would say a system with a traditional center contact in the Cap with a Coil Wire leading to a separate...
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    Misfiring 454, 1990 non-HEI

    I'm still concerned about "Yellow as a Daffodil" about four sentences into the OP and again farther down in the thread. Even if it's not HEI, this IS electronic ignition. Shouldn't it be popping a hot blue or white spark? Just to me, in time or not, there should be a HOT spark.
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    A/C not cooling at all.

    I think undercharged too. What you could do, is jumper the connector to the two wire Low Pressure Cut Off (LPCO) Switch on the Accumulator. Then see how low the low side goes. I'm guessing it'll go well below 19 and when it does that, look at the Degrees F scale on you blue gauge. It'll be so...