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    They Supply the Garage, You Bring the Elbow Grease

    Anyone seeing places like this open? Sounds like a good idea...DIY make a comeback? LIVONIA, Mich. — A few months after Dayna Freeland bought her 2008 Ford F-150 last year, she discovered the frame was so badly rusted that it was in danger of breaking apart. Rather than storm into the used-car...
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    Comment on P0700 – Transmission control system -malfunction by carlos bazan

    Carlos: Can you describe the problem you are having with your Jeep Commander?
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    Comment on P1523 by Oleg

    @oleg Please describe the issue with your Geely.
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    2012 Mini Cooper S R56 Check Engine P0172

    Hello everyone, I have a 2012 Mini Cooper S R56 that currently has the check engine light on with code P0172 (showing as permanent). So far I have had the high pressure fuel pump replaced, the air intake box, the thermostat/thermostat housing, valve cover gasket (due to leakage during a smoke...
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    2005 Cadillac SRX (Reposted from

    I am trying to lure OP's over here when we get better quality questions on TC. Emailing them now.
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    2005 Cadillac SRX (Reposted from

    Hey guys I have a 2005 Cadillac SRX AWD V8 with 3 misfire codes registering with obd2 P0301, P0302, and P0308. Is there any chance with this many codes registering misfire and a reading that shows 11 problems and a second obd that registered 16 problems, that maybe the firing order has been...
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    Audew Jump Starter

    Second in a 3 part series of reviews of products given for free to the editorial side of BAT Auto. Last night I was driving home from work at about 6 PM. I work on boats in Florida and was leaving the last boat. I hadn't been feeling well all day, so I had been drinking a lot of water to try...
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    Audew 12V Digital Tire Inflator Review

    So they say the heavy duty air pump doesn't ship to Canada at the moment...
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    Audew 12V Digital Tire Inflator Review

    Definately plastic gearing. @nickb2 I am asking them about ordering. I think they are primarily selling via Amazon. That is how everything arrived. They sent the dongle but I am still testing it. Also I have a jump starter that they sent which is cool. R
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    Audew 12V Digital Tire Inflator Review

    The editorial side of BAT Auto gets reached out to once and awhile to review automotive products. I was recently contacted by Audew to review a few of their products. This will be the first of a three part series. The first product Audew sent to me was a 12v tire inflator. It gets power via...
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    donation to BAT?

    Chuck I added a link to the nav area (page top). Also reproduced here: Also helpful as money will go towards new editorial content. Any thing you would like to see written about? Something tranny related? R
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    Why Don't My Turn Signals Work?

    Mia gives an overview of how turn signals work and then moves on to diagnostics. She explains how the wiring works. If none of the signals are working, then the problem is likely in this order: * Fuse(s) * Flasher * Switch * Wiring If one or two signals are not working, then usually the bulb...
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    Welcome to BAT Auto's NEW FORUMS! Please help BAT

    We have reached 300 subscribers on YouTube! Thanks to all who have subscribed to the BAT Auto YouTube channel. If you haven't subscribed, please do so we can meet our goal of 1,000 subscribers.