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  • hey there nickb2 just reading your post about the pontiac 2006 g6 top not secure issue just wondering if you have ever come up with a fix or what the problem could be i noticed on mine in the top windsheild panel where the roof secures there is one little switch on drivers side but none on right
    Hi Nickb2. My name is Khoa. I'm from VietNam. I need your help. I am have a 2005 TOYOTA AYGO with the 1.0 I.3 engine. I had the error code P0011 come up. My engine light is on however I can still drive the vehicle but my gas mileage has dropped 40%. Let me know what you think I would really appreciate it. Thanks you very much.
    Hey nick this is chuck in arizona. I'm working on the front brakes on my 1984 Chevy Silverado K20 4x4 and in need of the front rotors. They are 8-lug and the hub and rotor is one piece. I cannot find a decent supplier here in usa, would you know of a place where you would shop for a quality rotor? thank you
    Hello nick2, sounds like you are sore! I'm going in for mri next week back problems drive me nuts! then knee surgery soon to remove two small pieces of bone that are floating around. thank you and to the others here for all your help it is appreciated. did you check out just installed my fourth set very nice quality!
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