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    fuel filter

    Its part of the fuel pump.So if it needs to be replaced its dropping the tank etc.There is no external filter.
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    2003 Toyota Camry - Blue Smoke

    It is the valve stem seals.Make it a daily driver and you will solve the problem.
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    cannot remove key from ignition

    I am going to guess it is a Focus with a gear shifter messed up?
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    1995 bmw 325i won't crank after replacing neutral safety switch

    Check to see if the brake lights are working when you step on the brake pedal.I'm not 100% sure on BMW models,but most other vehicles get an electrical signal from the brake light switch located on the brake pedal assembly to release the shifter when the brake pedal is applied.If the shift...
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    2010 Lexus 250H code P0A0D

    With this you are basically dealing with downed power lines.I would advise you take it to a Lexus dealer or a shop capable of dealing with hybrids.Hybrids as a DIY repair is just asking for trouble.They are more dangerous than fiddling with SRS.
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    Ford 1990 Ranger brake problem

    I doubt any brake problem is causing the Check Engine Light to come on.Are you referring to the ABS light?The ABS modulator on those trucks often failed around the mileage you posted.Tell us what color the light is that is illuminating.
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    Mazda idles issues..

    Batteries have date stickers on them,See what yours says.
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    Mazda idles issues..

    I'm asking this because I saw something somewhat similar on a 04 Mazda recently.How old is the battery?If its 4 to 5 Yrs old and or the battery cables are corroded,then suspect that causing a great number of running issues.
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    Camry oil leak - Due to problem with prior work or "just time"?

    What you describe is typical of the oil pump O ring leaking.There is also a gasket that seals the oil pump body to the block.I have never seen that gasket fail on the 5S-FE engines,but it may be the cause.If all the things you listed were replaced and replaced properly then I suspect they are...
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    1999 Toyota Camry Replacing fron & rear strut / /coil assemblies - suggestions?

    Why are you wanting to replace them?
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    '99 Toyota Camry - Driver's Power window problem

    Jack,make sure the regulator isn't binding up and causing the problem.They fail way more often than the motors.
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    Guess I will have to remove the injectors from my 88 Supra and manually clean

    Nick,those injectors have very fine screens where the fuel enters the injectors.Depending on the size of the engine you will likely find the ones closest to the return line partially or fully clogged.Its a simple matter of cleaning off those screens and reinstalling the injectors.Replace the...
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    Honda accord spark plugs floaded

    You got to tell us what engine is in your car to begin with...all those items highlighted in red.
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    89 Camry V6 Dist Cap

    My info shows the 19101-62020 is the correct dist cap.
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    89 Camry V6 Dist Cap

    Are the plug wires Toyota or aftermarket?