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    Briggs Statton carburetor 299448

    I think he's looking for a Pulsajet carb. I haven't seen those since my mini-bike days. I ran B&S engines with Flojet carbs. Mechanical Governor...
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    Starting/Charging System - 94 GMC C1500

    Sorry. I thought you were referring to those cheap solar panels with alligator clips.
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    Starting/Charging System - 94 GMC C1500

    After you get it sorted, get a battery maintainer (shop around for the best price): This maintainer will work plugged into an extension cord as well. It comes with a 2-wire trailer type pigtail so it's convenient to...
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    2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 2.0L 4cyl turbo Engine R and R

    Water and engine oil make a decent lube but it's a bit light in viscosity. :rolleyes: Years ago when I was working at a paving equipment dealership, we had an old Yale fork lift that had a flat head four in it. Head gasket leaked so much water in to the crankcase, we'd have to add water every...
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    1987 Toyota Camry -BRAKE (STOP) LIGHTS DO NOT LIGHT

    I recently pitched my factory Toyota '87 Camry service manual. Unfortunate circumstance. Again as I recollect, the junction box is either on the underside of the trunk lid (behind the lights) or on the back wall of the trunk (behind the lights). It's maybe a 2" or 3" square box. I think the...
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    Encore zero turn no spark

    You don't mean an FH641V? Maybe this might help:
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    S10 Fuel pressure problem

    My '03 Safari has a similar system (CSFI) that's sequential instead of "fire all at once" like the one you have. The CxFI systems are known for leaking. I would see if a leak-down test shows anything. Connect the fuel pressure gauge. Do a few key-on-engine-off cycles to get max pressure and...
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    When you were tearing down the transmission, where (visually) was the evidence of the slipping?
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    1987 Toyota Camry -BRAKE (STOP) LIGHTS DO NOT LIGHT

    FWIW... I had an '87 Camry years ago. It also had a brake light problem. IIRC, no brake lights and no brake lamp failure warning light. There is a plastic junction box/block inside the trunk (either on the back wall of the trunk or lid) where I found a loose ring terminal under a screw...
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    Degreaser for clothes

    I never understood how some significant others put up with allowing the cleaning engine parts in their dishwashers.
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    Degreaser for clothes

    I once had ball point pen leak onto my only dress shirt. I thought what the heck, it's ruined any way; sprayed it with Berryman B-12 Chemtool. However, I can't imaging trying to stay upright after spraying a huge, red stain and breathing that large amount of Chemtool.
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    Hot wire MAF sensor?

    Never's a hot wire. Some early Lexus used the KV type MAF sensor.
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    Hot wire MAF sensor?

    Please confirm for me - I'm pretty sure this is a hot wire type MAF sensor. '98 Lexus LS400. I don't have driveabilty issues, DTC's. Just for future reference. It's hard to see inside without removing it from the duct work (I don't want to intruduce the potential for air leaks). Hopefully...