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    2002 Toyota Tacoma Differential

    Check your U-Joint before you put the drive shaft back in. Sounds like a U-joint making the squeak to me.
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    Replacement Engine

    You're welcome, but that sounds like a pretty good price for a new complete engine. I might just go that way myself. Actually you sound so much like myself, it's scary, only I'm 72 and all worn out. Last one I crawled around on was a 99 Saturn that flew apart on my daughter 4 years ago. She...
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    Replacement Engine

    Don't know if you've bought any parts yet or not but I have done business with this guy in the past and he's one of the best in my opinion. Take a look at his web page and decide for yourself. My experience was fast shipping, you get what you ordered, and if you need to talk to him in person...
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    '89 Camry- intermittent no start

    In your subject line it says, "intermittent no start" so I am assuming it does start some times. I am also assuming that it has an automatic transmission. That being said and the symptoms you describe I would check the neutral safety switch. Try shifting out of park and back to park, and...
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    Starter motor whuuurrrs sometimes '89 Buick 3.8

    Good grief, there has been three day and three pages of posts analyzing this problem. Go buy a new starter drive and put in it. If you get another rebuilt starter you'll no doubt have the same problem in a few months, year, or so. It's a simple bad starter drive problem, I don't care how...
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    Newer Fords Computer Programing

    My wife was reading some posts in "Free Republic" this morning and came across this article that I thought was different and informative. I have copied and pasted the article for you to see. Perhaps it will save some head scratching and unpleasant customers along the way. Unpleasant...
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    96 Chev K1500 350 Vortec Will Not Start and Backfires

    I'm going too stick my nose in here and suggest you check the distributor cap. This sounds like a typical cracked distributor cap and is getting wet inside during cool, cold or wet weather. Pull the cap off and check for a crack or tracking marks. Might even have to wait till it starts...
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    roar, 2001 saturn sw 1.9 auto

    Has any work been done on it that would involve the inner fender being taken loose? As Dannica stated, look underneath, in particular at the front of the inner fender for missing fasteners. These are held in with plastic push rivits and may have been left off or fallen out for some reason...
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    94 grand cherokee reverse prob

    $. 02 Mike, I'm going to make a suggestion that may or may not work. Check the Auto Shutdown Relay. Had a 91 Jeep that I fought for 50,000 miles before I found the problem. A hard smack to the underhood fuse box where the relay is housed led me to it. It was also a no run show (no spark)...
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    Wax pencil for checking thermostat

    Try a bearing sales store. I am thinking more in the industrial bearing supplier. I'm sure they would have it, but it might be in temps highere than you want. Good Luck. . . . . . . . . Roger R.
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    Pulling Engine

    John, I have read and reread all the posts and Transman said in the second post to do it, but have you unbolted the torque convertor from the flywhell? I don't see where you say you have, but I'm sure you have. Just a thought. I know they fit them in tight spots, but once it comes off the...
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    2002 Chevrolet Impala Electrical Problems (Security light, headlights flashing)

    I have to agree with Transman, you have a short circut somewhere. Here is one thing to look at. Do you have a cigarette lighter, with the lighter out (using it to plug in a cell phone charger or something of that nature) close by where any change could drop in? I had an experience with a...