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    2007 grand prix 3800 supercharged issue:

    Rough idle,Poor gas mileage, small amount of antifreeze lose over a couple weeks, and uses oil. changed plugs and wires also vacuum hoses,but cant find anything wrong. code does come up C0700. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    1988 old school Ranger 2.9 stalling

    1988 Ranger 2.9 auto... Stalls going down road. Does not start immediately. Takes at least 30 to 45 seconds before she starts back up. any ideas???? thank you all.
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    79 firebird front subframe bushing replace.

    Has anyone done this job and if so, Is it normal for the bolt to move back and forth slightly? I know it has a caged nut on the other end. Don't know if that caged nut should move at all. thanks for any feedback.
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    Heater core ??????

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: Toyota MODEL: 4 Runner YEAR: 2007 MILES: 142000 ENGINE: 3.6 DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Driver side floor carpet is damp. When I looked under the hood I noticed the heater core location is on the driver side. How difficult is this to change or...
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    Kerosene in fuel tank

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Buick MODEL:verono YEAR:2013 MILES:na ENGINE:v-6 DESCRIBE ISSUE....Daughter filled her car up with kerosene. I do not know what needs to be done. Any ideas????? thanks...
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    2008 acura tsx no start

    The 4 cyl engine auto.... My daughter's car wont start after she almost ran the fuel dry. I tried to start it several times and she would kick like it was going to start. don't see any obvious issues but now it turns over slowly like the battery dead even though its new. any possible causes???????
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    2004 buick rendevous Random idle

    3400 motor runs fine when it starts, but when traveling a few miles the idle comes up and stays higher than normal.At times when you shut it off it returns to normal then comes back up. I think it has something to do with either the Iac motor or Tps. how can you tell and would the car show the...
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    2005 buick rendevous grind

    3.4 auto.Had changed both front hubs and brakes. Still has this vibration and pulsating brake.almost like a grinding joints dont sound bad. What else could be the problem. Thanks
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    2000 geo tracker brakes

    How do you remove the rear drums? Sounds stupid but do you need a puller or do you run a screw through the holes in the drum to pull them out. thanks
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    Need help with flexplate- ranger 2.9 auto

    Looking for this part that does the same job as a pilot bearing, The only difference is it is used for the torque converter on a 2. 9 auto trans. Is this called a bushing ? It has the six holes for the flexplate bolts and butts up to the crank. What is this part called. THANKS
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    88 Ranger No reverse

    Ranger has 2. 9 motor and A4LD trans with 188,000 miles. I noticed when its cold the reverse works fine,But when it gets warm it does not. The fluid was fine a month ago and I even have a trans cooler on it. So I changed the filter in it to find out the fluid was the same color as used oil ...
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    88 Chevy no start

    Chevy 350 with port injection will not start. shows service engine light only when it gets warm???? Now can not get it started. Changed plugs,checked for spark,and even put gas in to try to start it. It just rolls over with no kick. Going to try to check plug wires,but running out of ideas...
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    95 chevy astro hard start

    Van has 4. 3 auto. motor rolls over and tries to start. No codes,And seems to do this when cold. I had it started a few days ago and ran fine. then it sat for 2 days and now it just sputters but wont start. what do you think might be the problem? Also the van sat for almost a year so we put...
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    I was told by a friend that when you are doing brakes on a car that has ABS, that the bleeder screw should be open when you push the piston back. IT prevents the dirt from going back into the ABS system. IS this a necessary step or can this be skipped since the bleeder screws almost always break.
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    88 ranger high idle

    I have a 88 ranger with 2. 9 auto 4x4. Runs great,But when I start it in the morning the idle runs high till it warms up even when its 90 degrees out then levels out. This has been going on for some time now. Then I just noticed when I put it in drive or reverse the idle jumps back up then...
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    2006 f-150 vibration

    Friend has f-150 Ford with 5. 4 triton auto 2wd. He tells me, rides nice other than a slight vibration when he takes off from a dead stop then goes away. Is this something other owners encounter or may be bad u-joints? Any info appreciated Thanks
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    2000 chevy venture pulsing lights

    This van has the 3. 4 auto LT model. Looking to buy this van but have some concerns. The headlights and the dome light slowly dim then brighten when the vehicle is at idle. Hard to notice unless you were looking for it. Just wondering if it was the alternator or something to look out for...
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    1994 pontiac boniville

    This car has 3. 8 liter motor and we are having a start problem. When you turn the key we get nothing not even a click from the solenoid. Then at times it starts fine. Sometimes it starts when you turn the key a second time. Had the starter checked and was fine. Battery and cables checked and...