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    Daughter's cruise control is fixed, and she is really happy !!!! (so is Dad)

    Guys, good news. I ended up taking the truck to our local Ford dealer for the reflash because I was running out of vacation and had other things I had been tryuing to get done that need to be done. The reflash cured the problem. It wasn't too expensive, just $65.00. Nickb2, I looked into your...
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    E10 fuel is a pain in the arse !!!!!!

    I was reading a while back here in a thread that Nickb2 was wondering how we handle E10 fuel here in the states. For me, it's pretty simple. I absolutely will not run E10 in anything but new vehicles. Modern cars and trucks have a fuel system that is essentially sealed so the fuel can't absorb...
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    2004 F150 no cruise control and daughter is not happy.

    Cruise control on this truck will not work. No codes stored in any module. Watched cruise control switch signals come into PCM with Forscan on laptop. All signals are what would be expected to seen in the PCM. No ABS codes or faults. No obvious wiring problems with anything that I would suspect...