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    94 Corolla rough cold idle

    Title says it all; it's done it for the last few years, but this year it's particularly bad. It only does it after a cold start and when the engine is coming up to operating temperature. Right as it gets to operating temp and the idle levels off to normal, it idles rough. After the engine...
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    1994 Toyota Corolla clutch master cylinder question

    I just installed new master and slave cylinders on this car; parts are from Oreilly. The issue is, I think the master cylinder piston is bottoming out at the end of the cylinder. I did not adjust the clutch pedal height what so ever during the installation and I adjusted the push rod length to...
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    2007 Chevy Impala head gaskets

    We have an 07 Impala with the 3. 5L V-6, 64,000 miles. Apparently the head gaskets are going out on these engines from 06-08; ours was losing a ton of antifreeze and the dealer replaced the head gaskets, crossover pipe gaskets, and the water pump under warranty at 61,000 miles. I went to...
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    GM 3.8L oil leak

    Jim, I very much appreciate the diagrams. It's hard to see up in there by just wedging yourself under a car. I'll get it up on jack stands and have a look. Thanks again. :)
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    GM 3.8L oil leak

    I have a 1999 Olds 88 with the 3. 8L engine and there is an oil leak above/around the oil filter area. Does the oil filter mount bolt onto the engine or is it a casted part of the block? I'm thinking it might be a gasket for the oil filter mount? Thanks for any help.
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    96 Blazer cold stalling problem

    Hello, I have a 1996 Chevy Blazer that stalls in cold weather the minute the engine sees a load. It cranks and fires fine (has a brand new battery) and idles fine, will rev fine if you give it gas in park, but as soon as you shift to drive it sputters and will stall if you try and give it gas...