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    95 S-10 ABS light on

    This one is a manual transmission with a 4.3 and 4 wheel drive. Has the OBD II connector port. Tried 2 scanners and both say “ no communication “. Checked power and grounds to the VCM above the coolant reservoir and they are good. I know I have one front wheel sensor bad. But before I fix the...
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    A little more stopping power,please?

    Wanting a little more stopping power on a 97 K1500 Chevy pickup 5.7. I know there are a lot of things involved to make this happen, but see there were 2 different bore size master cylinders used. 1-1/8 and 1-1/4. Am I thinking right about the physics here, the smaller the bore the more power...
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    Yukon '10. 5.3 w/p0011

    End of the day problem comes in. CEL on and code p0011. Noticed that when driving the variance and demanded follow each other exactly, but the actual is at 0 or 1 degree all the time , on the cam vvt. Haven't had much time to check anything much more, but wondered what you guys would have to...
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    Need a little help on a P0014 code

    2007 Saturn Outlook 3.7. 140000 miles. The P0014 code keeps coming back after clearing, always within a mile of driving. I have checked the oil level (oil gets changed quite regularly) have replaced the rear bank 1 exhaust solenoid and the sensor for this cam. One thing I notice when checking...
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    Navigator CD player no go

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Lincoln MODEL:navigator YEAR:2006 MILES:170000 ENGINE:5.4 DESCRIBE ISSUE....battery went dead because of an alternator problem.Battery charged and alternator replaced. Now the in dash 6 CD player won't work. Has 6 cd in it that won't...
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    Exhaust back pressure 95 Lumina Van

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Chevy MODEL:Lumina Van YEAR:1995 MILES:240000 ENGINE:3.8L DESCRIBE ISSUE....Seems low on power, so after checking codes and data,fuel pressure,air filter,replacing fuel filter,plug wires, plugs almost new, I am checking the back pressure...
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    Exhaust back pressure 95

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: MODEL: YEAR: MILES: ENGINE: DESCRIBE ISSUE....
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    Briggs piston arrow question

    I'm assembling a Briggs 40H777 OHV Vertical shaft and want to double check to make sure the arrow on the piston points towards the flywheel? Correct? Thanks
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    Caliber Cam sensor, which is which

    Working on an 07 Caliber 2.0 DOHC. Going to replace the cam sensor for bank 1 sensor 2, but which is which? I see a vvt solenoid on the front and back of the head on the right side(passenger) and a cam sensor front and back of the head on the left side of the engine. Looking on alldata connector...
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    Camry fluid level question??

    I looked in the owners manual, I have looked on line, and I can't seem to find the proper way to check the trans fluid level. This car is 2002 Toyota Camry 2.4 with the U241E transmission. Today I changed the fluid and went to fill it and it is not written on the dipstick either. The question...
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    '77 Buick Park Ave AC Wiring?

    I'm having to get the AC working on this Buick Electra with a 350, and had a question on the wiring. There is an open switch on the liquid line from the condenser. Haven't put the lines together yet, but was wondering what this switch was for and how it is wired in the system. Would appreciate a...
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    Oil in the Antifreeze on a 3.1 GM

    Thought I'd ask this question that maybe someone has an answer? This is a 2000 Grand AM that is getting engine oil in the coolant. Having to add oil once in a while where it never did before. And taking off the radiator cap, there is a bunch of slime on the top of the coolant. Runs good and it...
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    78 Honda Civic Reg/Alt

    Does anyone have the wiring diagram for a 78 Honda Civic alternator with external regulator. This is a Denso alternator. Picked it up to put on a tractor because of the small frame. Now I just need to know how to wire it. Thanks
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    06 Navigator Shifting Problem

    Tossing out the question about an 06 Lincoln Navigator with the 6 speed transmission.... Its been jumping in and out of 6th gear,goes to 4th,maybe 5th,then back into 6th as you are pulling up a small hill. Been getting worse and don't alway do it. Tach is jumping around from the gear changes...
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    AX4N No Go

    02 Taurus Tomorrow I start looking it over for the cause of it not moving ahead or back. Fluid is normal color and smell. Is there a place to check line pressure on this one? Do they have problems with the converter or pump? Just happened suddenly. Any advice? Thanks a bunch!!
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    Honda Pilot Engine R&R?

    Would anyone have the R&R time on a 2007 Honda Passport 3.5L? Engine went BAD..... Thanks
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    2000 Super Duty Ball Joints?

    Does anyone have the ball joint specs for a 2000 Ford Super Duty 250 4X4 7.3 ?The specs I mean are the allowable movement in the joints before they should be replaced. Thanks
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    Buick Regal Heater Core Replace

    Just thought I'd put the question out there if anyone has replaced the heater core on a '00 Regal. What does it involve and what are some of the steps? Seems to be fairly involved, but that is what I do everyday. Just don't have the info on doing this one. Thanks
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    Mini Tune Alternator/Starter Tester

    Just wondering if anyone out there is familiar with the MiniTune Model TE3004 tester? I have one here and don't know if it works. I have been trying to test an alternator to see if I can make it work. This is a 10SI Delco internal reg. and it shows it works on my other alternator tester. I am...
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    Polaris Ranger 2006

    Is anyone familiar with the Polaris Ranger? This is a 2006 500cc EFI 4X4. Problem it is having is it is not getting power thru from the battery all the time. Sometimes it starts and runs. Maybe 2 feet. Then it will run 15 minutes. Then it will cut out all the time. Taillights and dash...