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    P0410 code-- Mercedes C230 1997 --162K miles

    Check engine light came on and code pulled was P0410 air injection system issue. I found air pump was working well, a small tube connected to air valve where air pump output connects has some vacuum when I put my finger on it. Once pump shuts down this tube has no vacuum as it should. It...
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    Water pump leak

    Just installed a new water pump and noticed it is leaking near a 10mm bolt. I don't know if water coming through threads to the top or between gasket and mating surface. I was wondering if it is ok if I use thread sealant on the bolt or wrap a teflon tape to stop thread leak. If this did not...
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    Instrument cluster lights up but none of the gauges move

    All the dashboard analog gauges not working even though it lights up when key turned to one or two position . I noticed digital odometer works. Checked all the fuses in the box in engine bay by driver side and they all are good. Battery is fully charged. I don't know where to look next. I will...
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    Leaky valve guide

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Pontiac MODEL:Firebird YEAR:1994 MILES:195K ENGINE:3.4 L DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Engine burning oil and rough. Did compression test on all 6 cyl starting with #1. The reading in order are 155, 135, 130, 35, 110, 160. Next did the leak down test...
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    Control Arm

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Mercedes MODEL:E320 YEAR:2002 MILES:214000 ENGINE:gasoline V6 DESCRIBE ISSUE....Control arm bushings are worn out and I like to replace the whole unit. The problem is OEM part from discount online part store costs around $205 ea. So for left...
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    One cylinder compression test very low and burns oil

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: Pontiac MODEL:Firebird YEAR:1994 MILES:210K ENGINE:V6 3.4L DESCRIBE ISSUE The car burns 1Qt of oil in 75 miles. Checked compression on all cylinders as follows 155, 135, 130, 35, 110, 160. Then I squirted some oil in #4 and it jumped to...
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    Mercedes C230 1997 160K: New Battery drains 1.3A while sitting

    Car keeps going if driven daily however after 3 days of sitting it would not start or even have any inside or dashboard lights come on when ignition is turned on. Battery was so much discharged that it was 4.2V when measured.Thinking the battery may be bad I returned it and got a new one. Before...
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    Vacuum hose : Audi A4 2.8 V6 Quattro 2000

    The picture attached shows a rubber hose connected to intake manifold next to throttle body. Throttle body has been removed for a better picture. The question is where does the other end of this hose go to? I would appreciate if some one can help me to find that out. Thanks-Chaud
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    Mercedes E320 2002 169K- AC clutch does not engage

    AC worked fine yesterday but today only hot air. looking at compressor I see clutch not engaging. Ruling out low level of R134 what else can go wrong. How can I diagnose to get to the problem area? As always I appreciate your help. Thanks-Chaud
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    Engine will not start-Blows Fuse: 1994 Dodge Grand caravan 3.0L 134K miles

    Some background first: One day Van Transmission went into Limp mode ( Stays in 2nd gear Only). Found out " Engine system" fuse was blown. Replaced the fuse everything became normal for an hour or so of driving until the same fuse blows again and limp modes kicked in. Fuse was replaced five to...
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    Regular Gas used where Premium required-Mercedes 2002 E320 (187K miles)

    I have been using regular gas in my car for 3 years when the car manual says Premium gas only. I made two assumptions before I switched to Regular 1. Car electronic system will notice this and automatically adjust to low Octane (87) gas. 2. Being switched to low octane I may get 3 to 5 miles per...
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    Front Brake Pads Semi metallic VS Ceramic (2002 Merz E320 V6 3.2L)

    Brake pads on this car needs to be changed but not sure if I should try Ceramic pads instead of Original semi-metallics. I would appreciate if I could get your opinion on this subject. Thanks-Chaud
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    EGR Valve Pipe 1994 Firebird V6 (3.4L) 210K miles

    I noticed the EGR valve pipe's one end which connects to it's body slipped out and hanging in air. This pipe seems to be stainless steel or some other combination of metals. The ends of this pipe have flared collars and go through clamps and attached to intake manifold and EGR assembly with 2...
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    Car driven with no oil: 2000 Audi A4 2.8 153000 miles

    All oil in the pan drained out due to a big leak. No warning light displayed on the console either because the sensor wires were damaged. So while driving on the freeway the car stopped and never started again. I took the old pan out and noticed metal shavings in it. It was obvious engine has...
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    94 Firebird 3.4L V6 (210K miles): O2 sensor problem

    Recently the car failed SMOG test for exceeding NO2 limit. The car is running too lean and hotter. So I decided to check O2 sensors by measuring the voltage on each when the car was hot and idling. The voltage on each varied from 0.01 to 0.65 back and forth constantly. Does it mean they are both...
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    97 Firebird V6 3.4L (210K miles)-Engine oil Leak

    I noticed a peculiar thing that when car is running, I don't see any oil dripping, but when I stop the engine and wait 5 to 10 minutes I see a teaspoon of oil on the floor. The oil dripping spot is where tranny and engine are bolted together on the passenger side at 3'clock position. I take a...
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    1994 Firebird 3.4L (210K miles): ABS INOP light stays on

    Well, I am back again for another problem. Thanks for helping me to resolve my ignition problem last time. Yesterday "ABS INOP" light came on the instrument panel and would not go off while driving. Key observations are as follows: 1. Ignition on but not cranking, all lights including ABS come...
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    Pontiac Firebird 94, V6 210K miles: Engine Starts and dies

    After having parked for 2 to 4 hours, the car starts and dies within 10 seconds. After that it does not start even after 5 or 6 tries and then it starts again and dies immediately. Fuel pressure checks out good . It am assuming ignition system is working good because when it starts engine runs...
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    Antifreeze change or not ( MERZ E320, 2002, 140K miles)

    I have 7 years old antifreeze in the car but it is still clear and good color. I am wondering if I should fill it up with the fresh one or leave it alone. And if change is needed then what is the best way to drain out all the old antifreeze and fill with new one. Appreciate your help. Thanks-Chaud
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    Ignition Key Battery replacement in Mercedes C 230- 1997

    My Car key does not lock or unlock doors anymore. It appears it needs battery replacement. I don't know how to go about it. Will apreciate help. Thanks