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    2000 Ford Mustang AT base model v6 3.8 - broke accelerator cable

    So, my Mustangs accelerator cable is broke and needs to be replaced. Part number XR3Z9A758AA. I can't find this part anywhere. I may end up at a salvage yard, so my questions are - can you tell me the length of the outer sleeve as well as the length of the inner cable? And, are there any other...
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    2000 Ford Mustang exhaust leak

    2000 Ford Mustang V6 AT base model I want to start by stating that a few weeks ago I changed out the plugs, and with my fat hands and arms, it was a tight fit getting the two plugs nearest the firewall, especially on the passenger side. Everything seemed to run fine. Its the daughters car, and...
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    Mower starts, but won't stay running

    Husqvrana YTH20K46 with the Kohler Courage 20HP. This mower will crank with choke engaged, but die 5 seconds later as if I turned the key off. It doesn't matter if I leave the choke on, or try to take it off choke. The only difference is if I take it from being choked, and move it to the...
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    1995 Pontiac Grand Am SE 4 door 3.1V6 wiring diagram

    I am in need of a wiring diagram for a 1995 Pont Grand Am 3.1 V6 AT. Does anyone have access to one or know where I can locate it on the web? Thanks
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    05 Chevy Avalanche - Power Steering Gearbox Replacement

    My 05 Avalanche LT 5.3L V8 - has a leak in the power steering gearbox. I have never replaced a gearbox before. What is the difficulty level of doing this procedure? Any special tools needed? Is it as easy as remove old unit, replace with new unit? Anything I need to look out for or pay...
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    water pump removal

    1997 pont grand am 3.1 v6 AT. I'm trying to change out the water pump, I've disconnect all hoses, and removed 4 bolts. The pump still won't come out. is there a 5th bolt that I'm not seeing? thanks to add: I have an alldata sub for this vehicle, but its very vague on the info it gives.
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    97 chrysler sebring p0140 code

    1997 Chrysler Sebring Convertible V6-2.5L VIN H getting an intermittent check engine light pulling up: code P0140 Generic 02 Sensor CKT No Activity Bank 1 Sensor 2 Fuel System 1 CL, Using Ho25 Fuel System 2 N/A does this mean that in fact, the o2 sensor is bad?
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    1997 chrysler sebring convert - elec. window problems

    its a 97 sebring convertible, power windows. just recently both drivers side and pass side windows roll up about an inch too far. what controls when and where the window is supposed to stop? how do i take the door panel off properly to inspect this problem? thanks
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    97 chrysler sebring convert acting crazy

    97 chry sebring convertible 100k miles v6 a/t wifes car and story. started a couple months ago with the maps lights on rear view mirror staying on for over 10 mins after door was closed. then then the led displays like odometer would go out - intermittenly. then gause like the tachometer...