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    2001 Sport Trac Intermittant Starting

    I have a 2001 Fort Sport Trac 170k 4.0 V6 2wd a couple weeks ago I drove home and a few minutes later went to start it and it just cranks. Checked the fuel cutoff switch all good, replaced the fuel pump relay no help It will start when it's cold fine but if u run it it wont start when hot once...
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    2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac A/C Compressor making Noise

    Ive got 155000 miles on a 4.0 automatic trans. and noticed a noise recently, thought it was the power steering pump but I think its the a/c compressor its like a loud scrapping noise, the a/c blows cold and it makes the noise if the a/c is on or off and also it usually is loud when I just start...
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    1970 Ford Mustang Overheating

    Ive got a 1970 Mustang 302 4bbl and was driving yesterday for about 15 min and noticed the temp gauge higher than normal, got it home and it was overheating. Today ran the engine with the cap off and brought it to temp, never seen any fluid circulating mostly trying to come out of the filler...
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    2000 Ford Ranger leaking coolant

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: Ford MODEL: Ranger YEAR: 2000 MILES: 150k ENGINE: 2.5 4 cyl. DESCRIBE ISSUE....It is leaking coolant from the lower radiator hose, without the engine running just pour fluid in and it comes out of a plastic fitting that also breaks off a...
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    2005 Honda Civic Timing Belt

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Honda MODEL:Civic YEAR:2005 MILES:175k ENGINE:1.7 DESCRIBE ISSUE.... Was driving about 25 mph when the check engine light came on,got it towed ,shop revealed a broken timing belt. I replaced it at 110k,is there any way to check valves and...
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    1999 Mercedes CLK320 Key stuck

    My 1999 Mercedes clk320 44k the ignition key is stuck and won't come out this is the first time it has done this and was wondering if anyone knows how to resolve this problem
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    2001 explorer sports trac wont shift into park

    2001 explorer sports trac 95k 4.0 6 cyl. auto trans.wont go into park sometimes the indicator doesnt show it fully into park,could the cable be out of adj? or linkage or something other than that it runs fine
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    1995 toyoya corolla brake lights stay on

    165k master cylinder recently replaced and also replaced the brake light switch and no help,the lights stay on all the time even when car is turned off any help is appreciated
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    2005 honda civic water leak

    Started leaking on the drivers side carpet is all wet Thought it was the windshield but took it to a shop and couldn't find anything Pulled carpet all up dried it out then sprayed it on the outside and saw a trickle of water running down the frame but couldn't tell where its coming from .It's...
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    98 Nissan Maxima Electrical Problem

    V6 150k battery is not charging and starts to cutout,lights dimming gauges going wacky, Pulled alternator and battery both check fine checked cables all looks good any other help is appreciated Mark
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    05 honda civic growling noise

    It has 90k sounds like a bearing and is the loudest at about 65 mph and seems to go away at around 80mph Ive jacked the car up and rotated the wheels and nothing was wondering could it be the transmission or any other ideas Thanks. Mark
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    1997 Nissan Maxima Rack and Pinion

    My rack and pinion unit is leaking at the drivers side boot on my maxima V-6 was wondering how hard it is to change any help is aprreciated Thanks Mark
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    1997 Dodge Dakota Sport Rumbling

    Ive got a 1997 dodge dakota sport v-6 when I turn the steering wheel just right of center it makes a rumbling noise at all speeds turning left or going straight there is no noise, I just purchased it and it had a bad power steering leak ,it was empty when i drove it home ,so i changed the pump...