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    Non running leaf blower

    My broher was going to throw out his leaf blower but i took it instead to see if i could figure it out. I can post ba k about brand and model if needeed. I put my spark detector on it and it does give a flicker of light with about the first four pulls but wont show any light with more pulls. If...
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    Spark plugs& wires

    I have looked at auto parts stores for some plugs n wires for my car online but they dont tell you whats the oem plugs n wires, they just list what will fit. Can someone tell me what the actual oem plugs and wires for my car would be?
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    Jeeps with shift on column

    Does anyone know if there were any jeeps such as wranglers or cjs or jeep cherokeesor loredos that were automatics that had the shift selector on the column? Als if there were any autimatic broncos or 4 wheel drive volvo wagons with shift selectors on the column
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    Want to replace spark plugs

    Just want to replace spark plugs. Wanting recomendation on what plugs to use and what the gap should be
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    Evap codes

    Check engine light on. Had codes scanned at auto parts store and codes po455 and po449 came up. I crawled under car and seen what looked like a place where perhaps a hose or line should be hooked up. Look at pic. I will try and find a Chevy Malibu mac and see if it confirms my suspicion . I...
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    Evap leak

    Check engine light is with codes po449 & po455. I crawled under the car for a peek though I didn't jack the car up and I seen a crack in the plastic fuel fill tube are just underneath the gas cap area. I'm thinking this might be causing the problem. I bought the car about this time last year...
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    High mileage oil

    Just would like to know what makes an oil that's labeled as high mileage any different than an oil that's not designated for high mileage. My 2005 chevy Malibu max takes 5w 30 but since it's over 75000 it would be considered high mileage so I'm just curious of what's the difference in an oil...
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    looking for cloth interior cleaning product

    I have used the interior cleaning product tuff stuff from wally world but I was wanting to know if anyone out there has a preferred auto interior cleaning product for my autos seats
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    Hard transmission shifting

    Car shifts hard and speedometer stays at zero. It says the word error above shift indicator where the odemeter reading would normally be. An auto parts store scanned for codes and a high voltage on vehicle speed sensor code came up. The only other code was for an evap. I have a loss of power...
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    Testing fuses

    I would like to know if there is a way to test the 80 amp fuse for my electric power steering or if there is something like a visual inspection to look for possible failure. I don't know what these type of fuses are called but since they are not the type that are clear plastic that you can look...
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    loss of power steering and spedometer

    I got a loss of power steering and speedometer. I don't know if cold frigid temps can have an effect on these things but when I went to get in my car and drive it, feels like I lost power steering and my speedometer stays on zero with no reading. the words power steering or maybe just steering...
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    Evap code

    Check engine light came on and I had an auto parts store scan for codes and a code came up for an evap code. ( Don't recall code number but would probably know it if I seen it again) then some days later a message came up on my dash that read check gas cap. I'm wanting to know if there is a...
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    Non working stair lift

    Posting for my brother on a non working stair lift chair. My brother has one of those stair lift chairs that rides up and down a rail to help people get up and down the stairs and it just stopped working properly. The chair will go down the rail but weakly and will not go up at all. I was...
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    Reading oil dipstick

    Bought a used car and it does not have an owners manual and I want to know that I'm reading dipstick correctly. The stick has a crossed line section with I think three holes in it. Do I assume the full mark is to be where the cross lined section ends?
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    mysterious moving lift chair

    My pops lift chair will move a little at a time until it is in the fully reclined position all on its own even with no one sitting in the chair or near the switch. I know its a great post for Halloween but its the truth. Had sunday dinner with my moms preacher and he wanted to take a nap before...
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    total brake failure

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: plymouth MODEL: grand voyager YEAR: 2000 MILES: 204,000 ENGINE: 3.3 DESCRIBE ISSUE.... i experienced total failur , when i started my short little trip down the street it seemed as though i would have brakes at one stop and then not at the...
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    ? about different brands of serpentine belts

    A question in general about types of serpentine belts: would like to know what the difference is in how a polly ribbed serpentine belt and V belt- serpentine belt are constructed and how that differece relates to how they will perform
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    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: plymouth MODEL: grand voyager YEAR: 2000 MILES: 204,000 ENGINE: 3.3 DESCRIBE ISSUE....just want to make sure i have researched my troubleshooting info right on this: ive done the water trick in order to isolate this noise to determine if i...
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    ? about passing eye mirrors

    I just recently sold a passing eye mirror on ebay that did pretty well for just a garage sale purchase and it just got my curiosity up about what type of automobiles would have been manufactured with such a mirror or if these mirrors were some kind of after market thing. See pic
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    using clp

    Wondering if its ok to soak a lawnmowers carb in clp- i am cleaning my lawnmowers carb, spraying it out with carb cleaner and i wanted to know if it would be good or bad to soak it in clp. I have a good amount of the stuff and we used it a lot in cleaning our m16s when i was in the marines and...