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    Windshield wipers staying on the low intermittent setting when the switch is off

    This just started this morning. Tried switching the wipers up to full speed then off a couple times, turned the truck off for a couple of minutes and started it again, the wipers still came on the low intermittent setting.
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    Ford Escape Air Conditioning Problem

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: Ford MODEL: Escape YEAR: 2010 MILES: 50,000 ENGINE: 3.0 liter V6 DESCRIBE ISSUE.... AC cuts out after running for several minutes. When outside Temp is average, about 18 C or less, the AC will put out cold air for an average of 1 minute. It...
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    2012 Ford F250

    Please fill out the following to ask a question ENGINE: 6.7 l Diesel DESCRIBE ISSUE....Looking for a good fuel conditioner for this truck. So many out there and I don't know which ones are good or bad. StanH
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    2008 Ford Escape

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: Ford MODEL: Escape Limited YEAR: 2008 MILES: 40,000 ENGINE: 3 liter DESCRIBE ISSUE....The dash lights that show the stereo function, compass, outside temperature, heater controls and clock work intermitantly. Sometimes they work and...
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    2012 Ford F250 6.7 Liter Diesel

    I have received a recall notice on my truck. The recall number is 14E03. The statement on the recall is: "This notice is sent to you in accordance with the requirements of the Canadian Enviromental Protection Act, 1999. On your vehicle, the Selective Catalyst Reduction system calibration must...
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    2007 Ford Escape 3.0 litre V6

    The windshield wipers quit working the other day. The next morning they worked for a couple of swipes and then quit again. If it was a fuse they would not have worked at all the next day. Anyone have any idea what it might be? StanH
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    Opinions on the Ford 6.7 litre diesel

    What does everyone think of the Ford 6.7 diesel engine? It's been around for a year now so there should be some opinions. StanH
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    2003 Ford F250 6.0 Litre Diesel

    Truck was parked at a function for appoximately 4 hours in -20 C temperatures and would not start. The lights are nice and bright and the solenoid does not even click like a dead battery. The engine would not turn over at all. I'm thinking it may be the solenoid. Any ideas? Thanks, StanH
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    2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 3.4 L 180,000 Kms

    This car has been parked for 9 months. When it was started I found it had only one high beam headlight working on the passenger side, no low beam on either side. I checked all the fuses and couldn't find any blown. I cleaned the ground wire and no change. I checked the voltage with the...
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    2001 Ford 250 Superduty

    Is it possible to add a touchpad door lock system to this truck? If so would the wiring harness be there so you could just plug it in and install it in the drivers door? StanH
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    Signal Light Flashers

    I have a 2007 Ford Escape and the signal light flasher is quite loud. Does anyone know if there are silent or quieter flashers available. Thanks
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    2001 Ford F250 Supercrew 7.3 litre diesel

    My "door ajar" light is staying on when the vehicle is running and all four doors are closed. I think it may be a problem with one of the door switches. The door switches are not visible like on the older vehicles with the pin switches. I'm assuming they must be inside the door on the latch...
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    I have a 2001 Ford F250 Superduty with a 7.3 liter turbo diesel. I have always used Ford fuel, air and oil filters but they are getting very expensive. I have not heard good things about Fram filters so I'm looking for opinions on brands other then OEM. Thank You