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    97 Blazer low rpm noise from bell housing

    I know It may not be quite 3/16 but its pretty damn close, I mean after the thing is back together, and I was showing telling him what I found, you can reach down with a bar and watch the crank pulley move back and forth ALOT! I have personally never seen that much play in one. I used two .025...
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    97 Blazer low rpm noise from bell housing

    Got it back together, customer does not want to go any deeper, but Bill hit it on the head I believe, this thing must have about 3/16 of an inch crank end play. Got a dial indicator holder, but the dial indicator itself is broken. Some dummy who will remain nameless dropped it. I think he is...
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    97 Blazer low rpm noise from bell housing

    Temp never seemed a factor. I have done a couple of s10's that had the same noise and it was always a cracked flexplate. And this one having had one done just a few months earlier led me to think it was the same thing. The plate that is on there now, I have looked at real close, no welds seem...
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    97 Blazer low rpm noise from bell housing

    This is a 97 Blazer, 4.3, 4l60E, 4wd, that was brought to me with a noise that I had heard in other Blazers/s10's, best way I describe it as loose bolts rattling around in the bellhousing. Found it to be cracked flexplates. This vehicle had already had the flexplate replaced once, the old...
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    No start 2002 Buick Century 3.1

    No, I did not think and check that, and as luck will have it, this thing will probably start and run fine now for who knows, a few days or a couple weeks. Though I guess I could go ahead and get a hold of it and check the data with it cold and hot anyway, may tell me something. Thanks for giving...
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    No start 2002 Buick Century 3.1

    Background, 2002 Buick Century limited, 3.1. 120k miles, recent new starter, battery, crank sensor on back of block, fuel pump approx 2 years ago. Only codes are P0135 both in codes and pending. Fuel pressure reads 50-51 koeo, when I do get it started, 52lbs. The car will take run fine for days...
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    06 Lincoln Zephyr

    I hope my download works.
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    Sonata rear view mirror

    I cannot get in to my login there, but go here, sign up and you can get the info.
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    08 Mercury Mariner trans

    Took me a few days, but second gear is gone, od is slipping. Guy does not want to fix, local shop said over 3 grand to rebuild.
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    08 Mercury Mariner trans

    Thanks, I hope to get it done monday, but the new grandkid it being delivered tomorrow so I may get sidetracked a little.
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    08 Mercury Mariner trans

    Checking this out for a friend, 08 Mariner, 3.0, auto, 58k miles. His son said trans was acting up and first I noticed the wrench light on left of dash was on for powertrain warning/problem. Checked fluid, no burned smell, level good. Took it for a drive and right off noticed it did not want to...
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    2007 Honda Accord Warning lights

    Isnt that just the maintenance reminder/oil change light? Do you have the owners manual? Pretty sure that is what it is. Look here if you don't have one, for some reason my pdf reader is goofed up.
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    Interesting problem...

    Mother in law had a 98 Taurus, it had the same problem. Had to run the ac constantly or run with the windows down. Even with the ac on max,(tried it on max and fresh air, didn't help) and fan on high, it would still have part of the back windows with fog on them. Wish I could offer some help...
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    2008 ford fusion 2.3l, alternator replacement

    Disconnect the battery. For additional information, refer to Section 414-01. Remove the bolt, the 2 nuts and the generator upper air duct. To install, tighten to 8 Nm (71 lb-in). Rotate the front end accessory drive (FEAD) belt tensioner clockwise and position the accessory...
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    1994 nissan timing chain

    Best pic I have:
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    Radiator purchase

    No, never bought from them and didn't notice till after I posted it was the same company you mentioned. just some more I found:
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    Radiator purchase
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    2008 Dodge Durango

    Usually just a little gentle twisting is all it takes, but if really stuck, the boot comes loose from the coil, squirt a bit of wd40 down into the boot while on the plug, let it soak a few minutes and try giving it a twist. Make sure you clean inside of the boot and put some dialectric grease on...
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    04 GMC Savana Side door lock issue

    On your heater, sounds like the blower motor resistor is bad, should be under the hood on top of the box just right of the blower, will have 2 or 3 small screws and a wire harness to it. Fits down into the heater box. On the defroster, if you can get under the dash, may be as simple as vacuum...
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    2004 grand prix hub and bearing

    The 3 bolts are 96 ft/lbs and the axle nut is 118 ft/lbs.