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  1. nickb2

    Dealing with work and personal issues. Which is best? Honesty or denial?

    So, as the above header goes, I have some questions about this. I am, again, another day off for personal issues. My time bank was ok til last month. My sister started getting really sick last year, actually, started dec 2018. I took a whole bunch of accumulated pay for that, and she just...
  2. nickb2

    What scope to buy for a busy Automotive shop?

    A co worker and I have been tasked to check out what is on the market scope wise in a complete master lit. This thread will not be active long as the choice has to be made before quarter of business budget, whatever that means. All I know is we have a budget, but not for the PICO master kit...
  3. nickb2

    tesla model x

    How to not answer a simple question.
  4. nickb2

    have an auto boss v30 for sale, those in the know, plz make a bid.

    I have an auto boss for sale on the down low. Last update was I think 2011/2012. Great for europe cars, very good for asian, very above average on the american side. It is a complete kit, the pro kit with the printer and mercedes programing and coding module. Like new, only the OBD2 adapter...
  5. nickb2

    The woes of reflashing and right to repair act.

    Since I have a day off cuz I have one eye shut due to a work related incident/ got something in eye and now infected swollen shut,. I can still see somewhat out of my left eye and can still type. Chrylser, first of all really sucks in the aftermarket for this arena of discussion. After trying...
  6. nickb2

    2006 bmw 325xi wagon reduced power mode

    2a32/2a47 or obd P1017, Car came to me after being towed to shop, apprentice could not open hood, so broke it open, found a no start, called a starter. Shop foreman says to me to replace as he feels this is more up my ally than the apprentice. Start car, notice long start, check engine on...
  7. nickb2

    I have a dream. Advice on how to proceed needed. Plz read.

    Ok, Hi guys and galls. I have had a dream for some time now. The dream is as follows, and my needed advice is on how to make this happen as NON PROFIT. This is very important. So here goes. I want to open a computer resource for the nice ppl of my community that unfortunately don't have...
  8. nickb2

    again, for those atheist

    Sister back in hospital. Not long term good.
  9. nickb2

    Sometimes, it is good to sit on a school bench. VVT refresher course.

    Along side the two day refresher, we saw and will see scope related diagnostics, and with transducers and volume yield in relation to how to calculate that in 14.1 to 7 ideal versus when short term trims shut down for WOT. Transducer here is key. Great course to day loved it. Tomorrow, get...
  10. nickb2

    Not sure if this a marketing scheme or all out war
  11. nickb2

    Finding cool used stuff.

    Well, sometimes, you just get lucky. Last week and today, two real gems fell into my hands. A very reliable bluepoint DVM. Complete with carrying case and even original back up fuses stuck in some foam in the box. Neg lead broke first time I used it but that is probably due to age and the...
  12. nickb2

    overclocking, should I have done it?

    When I first joined here I bought was BACK then a high end PC. But after 11yrs, it got old, games and apps not running at optimal settings etc. SO since all and any warranty on parts was almost a decade old, I decided to go through with my ultimate test. Invest in a new high end pc build or...
  13. nickb2

    Audew OBD2 code reader WIFI Reader/Scanner review.

    Well, I took the time to check this thing out. First thing I liked about it was that the led lights were facing the right way. After that, things came to a very abrupt halt in the like dept. The package came to me unboxed, once opened and inside, all there was, was the dongle and a small...
  14. nickb2

    Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair Act

    The Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair Act, sometimes also referred to as Right to Repair, is a name for several related proposed bills in the United States Congress and several state legislatures which would require automobile manufacturers to provide the same information to independent...
  15. nickb2

    Great article in my opinion, wanted to share. Saw no copyright, just a mention of free. Any thoughts?

    Disclaimer, very, very long read Think of human development as a long journey. At the beginning, we live at the mercy of nature. Dependent on its bounty, we pray for rains and freedom from natural disasters and plagues. At the end of the journey, nature lives at our mercy. We use science and...
  16. nickb2

    How should I deal with this??

    Title says it all/ When did my sister get sick? On my watch? My sister is now in liver and pancreatic shut down. I was supposed to be the idiot that was doing all that science fair. Now christmas is going to be awkward. My biatch of a sister did not tell me she was going ballistic. Why...
  17. nickb2


    How do I answer to this? I don't mind it wound up in my PM. I just want to know why the EU whatever thing blocked her/him. Here is a copy paste of what I got in my box. Took me awhile to ponder on it, and I still have no answer that I can politely say. Hi Nick, I did 1 Seafoam 1 month ago...
  18. nickb2

    rust on a mazda 5 2009

    Looking for ideas to stop the rust and what my father should pay for it. First, is it worth it? Second, can we go from light blue/silver to black, cuz he wants black. Third, I am NOT a paint/body guy. I am a tech guy, engines and such. But I told my dad, I know a guy that can do the rust and...
  19. nickb2

    snap on versus edge for sale

    Hello guy's, since I was sleepless, completely forgot, my shop foreman has his scanner/oscilloscope up for grabs. He is asking 6g's. Scope module is obviously included at this price. Now, I must say, this is 6g's canadian. So I don't know what that makes in US$. But anyway, just thought I...