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    Duramax stalled and no start

    Hey got a 6.6 gmc lily Duramax. 300000 Alison auto. Had a quarter tank but decided to stop at gas station and pop another $20 in. Put my fuel in, and then, an unusual start. Took longer to start. But it did after a couple tries. I drove about 20 ft and it stalled. It just cranked but no start...
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    Wont crank from ign switch

    Got a car that starts from jumping at starter relay socket, but no crank at ign key I’m thinking neutral safety switch. Suggestions??
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    No reverse

    2010 Pontiac g3 manual 5 spd. Transmission does not shift into reverse. When I put stick into reverse gear, it’s another forward gear. No reverse. Cannot find reverse in any other area of shifts. Just checking if there is something I can check or adjust before I change the tranny. Thank you...
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    Carb full throttle at start

    68 pontiac with 350 auto. 350 Engine just installed from a 1983 chev truck. 40 k it has a carter afb 9400s 4 bbl carb. I start it and it wants to go full throttle and yet the throttle on carb is not touched. I have to turn key to off immediately to prevent engine from roaring. The choke is on. I...
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    Extra distributor wiring

    I installed a 350 engine into a 1968 pontiac from a 1983 gmc1500 truck. The engine came with a distributor with two sets of wiring, i think 7 pin module. My older 350 had the distributor with 3 wire - 4 pin module. I tried to start the car. Checked my spark at # 1 plug. Its there but it looks...
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    No crank no start

    I have a 2010 pontiac g3. 1.6 Standard tranny with 87.000 km. The battery was dead and a new one was installed. Now, no crank, no run. No codes. Help!
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    Intermittant gear shift problem

    Hey all. I have a 20005 gmc top kick c5500. It has the caterpillar 4 speed tranny. It sometimes does not go into reverse. The reverse light indicator just blinks but no revererse. I have to shut the truck off and start it, then it goes into reverse. The truck also goes into forward gear but at...
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    Ford diesel Rough idle

    1999 ford F 450 superduty. 7.3 powerstroke diesel auto. 248k turbo. Engine runs rough. Does not have much power. I dont drive too many diesels so im not sure how to tune this truck up. Need a bit of help. Thank you in advance
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    Mustang engine swap

    Hey y’all. Got a 06 mustang with 4.0 standard tranny. Engine siezed. Putting another engine that had an automatic tranny on it. It had a smaller thinner flywheel and what looks like a spacer with the 7 flywheel holes. I am putting original clutch flywheel which has the pilot bearing in it. I...
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    Starter diagra

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: MODEL: YEAR: MILES: ENGINE: DESCRIBE ISSUE....
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    Toyota vsc and poo51

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:toyota MODEL:camry YEAR:2007 MILES:140k ENGINE:3.5 DESCRIBE a vsc light on and p0051 code not sure if they are related. Checked gas cap. Seemsto be ok. Rubber gasket good. any help appreciated
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    Honda 1.7L

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. Honda Civic 2004 200k 1.7L I am looking for the correct torque specs for standard tranny. Flywheel to engine and clutch to flywheel torque in foot pounds. Thank you
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    Focus wont idle at traffic lights

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. Fors Focus 2003 164 k 2.0 Car surges a little when driving When at light it doesnt want to idle. Almost stalls. I adjusted the idle to 800 rpmin gear, 900 rpm in park,to keep it running. When i notch the idle screw up, just a bit, the engine...
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    New alternator wont charge

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. Pontiac Montana 2008 180 3.9 Van stopped charging. Replaced battery with new one. Still no charge. Installed new alternator. Still no charge. Need help!
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    No cruise no high idle for pto

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. Gmc C5500 2005 250k 6.6 My fast idle stopped working for so long i forget what the switch looks like. But i need it for my pto. I also need to find my cruise control fuse/breaker/relay. Not sure which it is but most things in fuse boxes inside...
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    Focus surging

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. Ford Focus 2003 170 km 2003 focus surges when going down the street. It used to do this slightly and only on a specific road. Now it's doing it all the time. Thanks in advance
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    How to line up dohc with crank

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. Ford Focus 2003 180 k 2.0 zetec Took old cracked belt off. One cam moved. Not sure which one. Had marks on gears. Lined them up but wont start. And there are many opinions...but is this engine an interference engine??
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    Inner axle shaft to tranny

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. Ford Escape 2008 160 ENGINE[/ Was taking righr axle off and whole shaft from tranny came out. When i put it all back together, it looked like it it leaked from tranny, where the inner shaft came outta tranny. Help!
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    Windstar gear selector connector

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. Ford Windstar 2002 170 k 3.8 I cannot get the gear selector cable off the neutral safety switch. It has a yellow plastic piece on, that looks like it comes off. Is there a special way to remove it?
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    04 cavalier intermittent fuel pump

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE: Chev MODEL: Cavalier YEAR:2004 MILES:160 ENGINE:2.2 DESCRIBE ISSUE....Car runs for a week, then get in to start, just crank. Tow truck time. One day i wiggled the fuel relay and had pressure gauge connected to the fuel port. The...