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  1. JackC

    91 Dynasty,cranks and dies right away

    Not enough info to work with. If you tried EVERYTHING , how can we help? And what are all the etc, that you did? Give us a clue and we can help.
  2. JackC

    2006 Ford E350 Super Duty 5.4 liter 182,000 miles Loud Rattle mostly at slower speeds

    Possible brake pad rattle. Test drive with very slight application of brakes and see if the rattle goes away.
  3. JackC

    Windshield Rust Repair

    Just some more ideas that may be helpful. It has been well over 35 years since I did the above described repairs. I now recall that I used 2" fiberglass drywall self adhering tape and bondo for my "fiberglass" repair. It was fast, not messy, and easy to do. Again, not too professional but...
  4. JackC

    Windshield Rust Repair

    I forgot to say that I always use Rust-Mort by SEM, stops rust dead prior to the fiberglass repair. It is a clear liquid that is applied and turns rust into a hard black surface.
  5. JackC

    Windshield Rust Repair

    That is some serious rust. You could consider cutting out the part you need from a doner car at a wrecking yard. This is a 13 year old vehicle. You might do what I have done on 25 or 30 such jobs. This may not sound as professional as what you want to do but it is quite successful. Remove...
  6. JackC

    Brake squeak

    Nice one Billr :fixed:
  7. JackC

    Auto trans extension (tailshaft) seal

    Bill: I have big channel locks and big C clamp if you need them. Or course since I have seen your shop I am sure you have both.
  8. JackC

    Chainsaw duckbill valve

    Sorry, I do not know of any. Plus I have NO gas equipment anymore. Just two gas cars. If I was younger I would replace those with electric.
  9. JackC

    Dash light on for rear bulb out, but all lights are OK

    :fixed: Well sorta. You gotta love this-- He took an old abandoned very rough road for a short distance and the lic lights came on and the the dash light went off. I just had to let you all know. Seems the bad connection got reconnected. Saved me (86) and him (89) from any work. It will...
  10. JackC

    Hard start on 2004 Buick Park Ave

    That info even further indicates the pressure is low. The multiple engagements are probably getting the pressure up just enough to get the engine started. This is a rather common scenario. Since you stated " you do not know much about cars" It may be time to see a pro because if it is a fuel...
  11. JackC

    Hard start on 2004 Buick Park Ave

    Check your fuel pressure and let us know the psi when attempting a start (cranking) and also after you start it with starter fluid . You can or we will compare that to the specification for your 3.8. My guess is not enough fuel pressure. You can borrow the gauge from certain parts stores...
  12. JackC

    ac leak

    Very strange. Sounds more like what happens with computers instead of compressors. I hope that " fix " continues for you. :cool:
  13. JackC

    Want to replace spark plugs

    OEM, period.................................................................
  14. JackC

    general question

    Ammonia and water has always been one of the best.
  15. JackC

    2004 nissan xterra,3.3,runs fine until I get it on the freeway and it loses throttle response

    OMG, I think I will go look for a Model T Ford or some other simple car. :cool: Glad you got it fixed
  16. JackC

    2004 nissan xterra,3.3,runs fine until I get it on the freeway and it loses throttle response

    I have NO knowledge of this, but I was wondering if your possible intermittent or even false coded knock sensor problem would tell the ECM to not go over 1500 rpm in order to keep from damaging the engine??? Or because the speedo is not working the ECM sometimes thinks it should not supply...
  17. JackC

    2003 Lincoln Town Car Cooling fan runs constantly while key is on

    My first thought was like Bill's above. Stuck fan relay.
  18. JackC

    Dash light on for rear bulb out, but all lights are OK

    Hi Bill: But now we need lic lights so cops will be happy. We did not know the lic lights were not working before. More important than an annoying dash light.
  19. JackC

    Dash light on for rear bulb out, but all lights are OK

    UPDATE: Both license plate bulbs not lighting. Not sure if they are sensed or not. No one noticed that during previous inspections. One bulb burned out and one OK but neither working . Replaced both bulbs but determined that no 12 volts came to either socket. Located the Brake Tail Light...
  20. JackC

    Dash light on for rear bulb out, but all lights are OK

    Thanks. He dos not care about the function of the device, just wants the light to go out on the dash. Can the module be disabled removed or eliminated. If so, how?