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    Chevy Impala, check engine light on

    Ever since OBD II starting model year code is stored in EEROM that does not lose its memory when the battery or voltage is removed. A lot like an SD chip in your digital camera or USB stick in your computer. Vehicle is 17 years old, most claim that memory is only good for ten years. ECU or...
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    46re won't shift out of first

    Don't recall the vehicle, long time ago, a two wire sensor screwed into the side of the transmission. checked it with a depth gauge, wasn't screwed in far enough but was a permanent magnet with a coil wrapped around it. Got the thread size, used a die for a couple of more turns, screwed it in...
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    Rear shocks upper slides back and forth off bushing

    Many Santa Fe's were made in Montgomery, Alabama, and we had a huge army stationed in South Korea since the early 50's including my kid brother. That's like for the last 70's, just questioning if this is as so-called import, many of our so called domestics are buying tons of crap from China...
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    Rear shocks upper slides back and forth off bushing

    Old fashion shock absorbers on this vehicle with a steel tube that fits over a stud that is inside a rubber bushing that attaches to the shock absorbed. After 350,000 kilometers or 217470 miles either that steel bushing broke free of the rubber grommet or that rubber grommet broke free of...
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    2008 Chevy Impala 3.5 Hard Starting When Cold

    A sensor is a device that converts some physical parameter into some type of electrical or electronic signal that a computer program can recognize. And as such, some physical parameter/s are inputted a precise rates to obtain a corresponding precise electrical/electronic output. Back in the...
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    2008 Chevy Impala 3.5 Hard Starting When Cold

    This kid has been working on vehicles for over 70 years, earliest was a 1908 Buick well before electronics and code. If you get a code, either the sensor is not reading the expected information or that sensor is defective, you simply don't know the difference, throw parts at it. Simple tests...
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    2008 Chevy Impala 3.5 Hard Starting When Cold

    With 258K miles on it would do a compression check, engine could be worn out and pistons shrink.Get blowby, blows out the spark. Chevy is doing a better job, for that famous 1957 283, needed a complete overhaul at 40K miles.
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    labor time

    Ha, shop manuals give labor times, but don't mention certain conditions. Like if replacing a water pump or timing belt, the engine is sitting on your kitchen table and not in the vehicle. Or trying to remove a made in China cold rolled unplated steel bolt screwed into aluminum, electrolysis...
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    2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer, 4.2 LT headlight issues.

    Vehicles use to be very particular on headlamp circuitry, a dash switch with self cleaning wiping contacts and a super fast automatic resetting circuit breaker. This all changed with daytime running lamps, a complex relay system is used to put either the dims or the brights left and right side...
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    2002 Honda civic ex misfiring.

    Screw or shim adjusters don't freeze up like hydraulic lifters. Dan's chart above is not complete, each adjustment requires a different crankshaft angle. My 88 Supra uses shims about an inch in diameter, have a special tool to replace them and a can full of shims. If I don't have the correct...
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    Delayed harsh 1st/reverse

    Never figured out how to do pressure tests on a transaxle with FWD, can see the ports but only one inch clearance. Now just solenoid valves, even my 88 Supra has those and shift problems were contributed to lack of contacts in what they use to call the neutral safety switch. Would just take...
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    2016 Trax driving intermittent miss under light acceleration, also at idle

    Called progress, Model A Ford and other 30's vehicles had a clear bulb filter where you could see the water at the bottom of it with a drain to get rid of it. This new stuff is all sealed and can't see anything. This is progress.
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    2016 Trax driving intermittent miss under light acceleration, also at idle

    Water in gas has been a problem around here, way too much rain, and even with gas stations that was not a problem is a problem today. Law says tanks must be buried underground. Same problems with aircraft, but did get permission to put those above ground, but talk about no smoking signs, guess...
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    2002 Honda civic ex misfiring.

    Power of the oil companies, back then the government was regulating the price of fuel, oil companies got that deregulated, but wasn't too bad, only went from 30 to 40 cents per US gallon. Its a bit more today and has been as $4.55 per gallon. I was flying a lot back then, aviation gas was 20...
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    2002 Honda civic ex misfiring.

    Words like heterogeneous ethanol and gasoline do not combine to form a new chemical, whoever said alcohol and gas don't mix wasn't thinking about ethanol, basically corn whisky. If a vehicle sits for a while, ethanol will settle to the bottom of the tank, fuel pump picks that up first, you are...
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    2002 Honda civic ex misfiring.

    Do you have ethanol in Canada? Haven't been up there for several years now, but closer to us than Illinois. In the southern part of Wisconsin that is all you can purchase so have to make sure you have enough ethanol free gas to get home if driving what is called a classic car made before 2006...
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    2002 Honda civic ex misfiring.

    Here's another problem that caused a misfire in a Japanese car, my Supra like your Honda is a pre ethanol vehicle. Injectors were sticking. Idiots running this country making changes without telling anybody or doing proper research, can't sue the basterds. Are you using ethanol?
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    Happy New Year, if..

    Your are an income or property tax collector, but not if you are on the paying end. If you are an health insurer, your paid off super high deductible for 2019 goes back up to the full amount you have to lay out cash first before you get coverage, your health insurer is sure happy. For the rest...
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    The woes of reflashing and right to repair act.

    OBD I used burnt in code, had to be done right the first time, no playing around on the internet for updates, a chip capable of handling all the emission standards cost 89 cents in quantity. Was just for the engine back then. OBD II in 1996 was the first to use EEROM eraseable electrically...
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    Windshield Rust Repair

    That is a lot worse than my kids 90 T-Bird, paid a guy to remove the windshield, I am not good at that. Was all surface rust, sanded, undercoat, and Duplicolor auto paint. Guy came back and installed the windshield. Has that special applicator for a neat bead around the windshield and skill...