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    2007 Fusion AWD C1234 code

    Getting C1234, ABS light, TCS light on. checked right front ABS sensor, no damage found. Cleared code, buttoned it up and ABS light stayed off about a month then came on again. Replaced sensor with Motorcraft BRAB-267-AE5Z-2C204-A, cleared code, light off. Came back on within a week...
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    Steering Wheel Off Center 2012 Ford Fusion 3.0L

    Took vehicle in for air bag recall which I think was passenger side. Upon return I noticed the steering wheel was at least a quarter turn off center. I could tell they disconnected the battery and this vehicle has electric steering, so could the steering have lost it's calibration and needs to...
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    2007 Ford Fusion Code B2290

    Already had the passenger air bag replaced on recall campaign. Air bag light was on before replacement and is still on showing code B2290. We cleared it and B2290 promptly returned. We eyeballed the wiring under the seat and everything looks good, no damage to the seat as well. I'm thinking...
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    Spark Plug Removal Aluminum Heads

    Needed to change what I believe were the original plugs in this 113,000 mi. Fusion V-6. After reading some horror stories removing plugs in the Triton motor, I was somewhat apprehensive to tackle these for fear of tearing up the threads in the head. Found a Ford document online for the...
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    Uneven Pad Wear Rear Discs

    Have a 2012 Ford Fusion, rear outboard pads worn out, inboard pads still serviceable. Replaced pads, clips and rotors,cleaned and lubricated sliders, pistons turned in nice and easy. Now less that 10,000 mi, outboard pads show noticeable wear and inboard pads look fine. Parking brake applies...
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    Harsh Downshift 2007 Fusion AWD

    2007 Fusion 6 cyl. AWD 111K miles. Vehicle has developed a harsh downshift below 30 MPH. There are no warning lights and fluid is at proper level. Is there anything I can check? Thanks.
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    2012 Fluid Change Ford 6F35

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Ford MODEL:Fusion YEAR:2012 MILES:45K ENGINE:I-4 DESCRIBE ISSUE....Trans fluid looks unusually dark, no driveability issues. Was considering a fluid change, but dealer only does a flush. I'm not comfortable with that. Trans has a plug...
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    2012 Fusion Rear Brakes

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Ford MODEL:Fusion YEAR:2012 MILES:47K ENGINE:I-4 DESCRIBE ISSUE....Found LR outboard brake pad down to metal, other 3 pads on rear axle had serviceable life. Replaced pads and rotors with Bendix ceramic pads. Cleaned and lubed pins and...
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    2012 Fusion Door Lock

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Ford MODEL:Fusion YEAR:2012 MILES:28000 ENGINE:I-4 DESCRIBE ISSUE....Driver side door lock won't lock/unlock, all other doors operate nominally. Doesn't matter with key, remote, or inside lever, lock won't lock/unlock. So, I figured pull...
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    2001 Astro Brake Bleeding

    Have a '01 Astro, 70K mi. that is developing a pull to the left on hard braking. Figure I'll start with the hoses as a search seems to point to the brake hoses that often go bad. Now, I have one of those hand vaccuum brake bleeders. Is that going to work as I do not have a scan tool, so have...
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    2012 Ford Fusion SES Light

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:Ford MODEL:Fusion YEAR:2012 MILES:36K ENGINE:3.0L DESCRIBE ISSUE....Engine light came on at startup with no driveability issues. Tried my software OBD2 scanner, but it was only for GM vehicles. Any suggestions on a decent scanner for GM...
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    2001 Astro No Heat

    2001 Astro 70k, A/C and rear heat. No heat from either front or rear heater. Both hoses to front core are cold, motor is at operating temp and coolant is at proper level. Found what looks like a water valve with a vacuum solenoid. Have vacuum to one of the hoses going to the solenoid , but...
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    2012 Fusion ATC Rant

    Why is it the ATC temp. selector can't go below 60°? Have a relatively cool day, don't want to open the windows just like some outside air through the vents, no, ATC mixes warm air because ambient is below 60°. Used to have a vehicle w/o a/c could just open the damper and would get nice flow...
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    Front Stabilizer 2001 Astro AWD

    Van only has 68K mi. noticed front stabilizer cracked. Is this a straight R&R job, or do I need to fool around with the torsion bars as it's AWD? Also thought it might be a good idea to replace cap and rotor, but the cap screws would not budge. Ran into this on a I/O boat motor so simply...
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    Hybrid Vehicle

    In the market for a vehicle, thought a used Ford hybrid looked interesting, so good idea, bad idea? Straight electric is nice if one can cover their roof with solar cells, then would have to get a night job, so the car can sit home all day and the sun can charge it for free. Back to the...
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    Interesting Rotor Wear Pattern

    2001 Astro AWD 61,000 mi. Noticed a strange wear pattern on the inside left front rotor, only a one inch band where the pad has been contacting the rotor. Pulled the caliper, pads look normal as well as the outboard rotor surface, right side looks fine. Piston compressed nice and easy...
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    2005 Pontiac Brake Fluid Change

    Ready to do the rear brakes on a 2005 Grand Prix and would also like to run fresh fluid through the lines. Thinking of using the Mighty Vac brake bleeding attachment, or should I leave well enough alone. Would a scan tool be needed to change the fluid?
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    Battery - 2005 Grand Prix

    Was thinking about replacing the battery before winter, but would like to know if there are any issues disconnecting power, or do I have to fabricate some sort of keep alive power while the battery is removed.
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    Oil Leak 1994 Pontiac 3.1 V6

    Replaced lower intake gasket a few years ago with GM gaskets. Oil pump drive o-ring also replaced. Now have a oil leak which looks like both sides of the motor which I guess is the lower intake again. Front of the motor is dry as well as the back of the block. Is there a updated gasket? Are...
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    1992 Saturn Intermittent Hard Start

    1992 Saturn Twin Cam motor, 150K mi., at times requires excessive cranking to start. Most times it'll light right up, but sometimes it will require 20 sec. of cranking to start. No codes, fuel filter changed and pressure within specs., but again issue is intermittent. Once started, it runs...