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    2007 frontier Rear axle , how to find ratio

    2007 Nissan frontier 4x2 V6 4.0 motor need to put complete rear axle in it , having a hard time finding out what gear ratio is in it , cannot find a tag on the rear cover , is there any way to look it up with Vin number or?
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    2007 Nissan frontier abs issues

    2007 Nissan frontier, 2nd , 100,000 miles When braking normally brakes will make a horrendous noise and you feel it in the pedal as the ABS is being activated but not needed . And other times everything works as it should perfect and smooth, disconnecting the ABS fuse and there were no issues...
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    06 dodge ram 2500 diesel vibration

    2006 Dodge Ram 2500 4 X4 diesel, 240,000 mile original owner , have to vibration that came into play at 60 and disappeared as 64 miles an hour you could feel it in your foot pedal and actually hear it just a little bit discover the right front U-joint had lots of play in it ,removed it replaced...
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    02 astro cargo brakes

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:chevy MODELastro YEAR:02 MILES:150000 ENGINE:4.3 DESCRIBE ISSUE.... front brake line broke , replaced line , bleed lines and can't seem to get any pressure to build up in brake pedal at all , blead off all 4 lines multiple times still can't...
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    06 dodge ram 2500 actually compressor won't cycle

    Please fill out the following to ask a question. MAKE:dodge MODEL2500: YEAR:2006 MILES:200000 ENGINE:diesel DESCRIBE ISSUE.... AC compressor won't cycle ,system has pressure , how do I test to see if compressor is getting power , a blown fuse ? Can't find one. , AC works great last year never...
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    2002 mountaineer electrical issue

    picked up a 2002 Mercury mountaineer from a friends grandma for my 16 year olds 1st car , original owners , 78,000 miles , new struts, 4 wheel bearing , new brakes , bran new Michelin tires, sold to me for $1000 because of electrical issue and vibration in motor , fixed vibration in 1 day...
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    06 Dodge 2500 4x4 Diesel , trans searching , slipping ?

    Ok when it rains it pours been on this site way to much lately ! 06 Dodge 2500 4x4 Diesel , 200,000 , trans fluid changed every 45,000 , Trans has a slipping , searching, hunting issue at 14-16 mph (2nd gear) only does it at this speed , can drive through it and not notice it , but when driving...
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    2005 focus p2004 code

    just got back from a week as a band camp chaperone (fun!!) daughters car engine light is on , she took to parts store pulled code p 2004 , intake manifold stuck open , told her $60 part, plug in and all will be fine. Just walked in door and will check out in morning ,just wanted your thoughts...
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    06 Dodge Ram Diesel 2500 4x4 , brake lights on dash

    ok , 2006 dodge2500 4x4 deisel 200,000 miles, original owner, 2 days ago replaced caliper guide pins and boots on rear only , never took calipers off , pulled bolts put boots in place then pins, very simple , two days later brake light on dash came on(last night) today abs light came on (just...
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    03 astro blower relay won't last

    03 astro bower always loses high speed after about 6 months will lose other speeds over time , put new relays in (2) now I just get used at salvage yard, $5 for 3 , does same thing, any ideas?
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    03 ASTRO AC CLUTCH MAKING A RACKET , Ok as it says making a racket and burning smell (probably belt ) , can clutch system be replaced , rebuilt or does whole ac pump unit have to be replaced. Thanks for the help !!!!
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    06 dodge ram 2500 blower relay ?

    06 dodge 2500 diesel , blower only works on high , blower motor relay , correct ? where is it located , 0 degrees today so glad it works n high !! aftermarket available ?
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    p0869 code . 2006 Dodge 2500 w/cummins

    I know p0869 is a high pressure code but ?????? what does it mean , 06 Dodge Diesel ,2500 ,150,000 miles , trans well maintained , was pulling trailer ( very light 3000 lbs) 700 miles into trip when code came up at 65 mph.,any ideas , THANKS !!!!
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    06 2500 Dodge diesel 4x4

    Ok , I have a 2500 dodge 4x4 with the cummins diesel with auto 48re trans, 135,000 miles owned since new , trans serviced at 40,000 ,80,000 and 120,000 miles always told fluid looks like new ,Sometimes driving it will be at 2200 rpm at 80 mph and others it will be at 2400 rpm at 70 mph , its...
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    06 Dodge Ram 2500 steering issues , stiff ,no wore parts

    2006 dodge ram 2500 4x4 w/cummins diesel ,130,000 bought new , went cross country for vacation , as the trip went on the steering got stiff and won't return to center, the longer you drove it during the day it got worse (so the hotter it got ) tore front end down , ball joints are free with no...
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    1992 roadmaster 5.7 codes

    Car runs perfect with 200,000 miles is in awesome shape !!!!! all of the sudden i have a check engine lite that comes and goes , stays on while driving but when i shut car off and restart it is off until ?, I get codes 13 , 33, 44, It's my dads car , I have not had the chance to really look at it.
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    2003 dodge radiator vrs. 2006

    Does anyone no of a site to check compatibility of parts from year to year , I have a chance to buy a new factory radiator for a 2003 dodge diesel and I have a 2006 dodge diesel, AND I NEED ONE !!THANKS
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    2007 Ford Focus hard to push gas pedal

    The gas pedal is hard to push down to accelerate. Once it does go down, it works fine, until the gas pedal is released, then it's hard to push down again. 54,000 miles. Just started happening. Any ideas what could be wrong? Dirty throttle body? Thank you for your help.
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    03 Astro van key fob programing

    Bought a used Astro cargo van , only have 1 key and fob , can I get a Fob from junk yard and program this like you can on the fords , or do I have to go to dealer ? dealer wants 75 for fob , 10 for key and 55 to program, that seems a little steep !!! Thanks for your help, P.S. MY bat auto t...
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    Hello , I have a Dodge 2006 , 2500 4x4 with the Diesel and 80,000 miles and well maintained ,and the front end has a problem , My stearing is very stiff , if I turn a corner the stearing wheel will not return at all , put it on a hoist today , disconnected the stearing gear box and with a guy...