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    90 Lowes rider bad engine miss

    Hello everyone, my old neighbor has a 1990 Lowe's 46" 18hp I/C Briggs. He said that the missing started all of a sudden. The engine misses really bad, spits, sputters, and backfires like it out of time. The only way you can keep it running is to move the choke in and out, then it still runs...
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    93 Pontiac Bonn. bad miss at higher rpm

    Hey guys, I have a 93 Bonn. with a 3.8L. It has a few miles (263K) ;). The car idles very smooth but will not accept throttle over a certain rpm. I mean it misses really bad like its jumping time or something. In overdrive at highway speeds it will not drop down into passing gear because it...
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    2003 Civic front brake job

    I usually take my wife's care to the dealer for all services but they want $231.00 to turn front rotors and replace pads. Looks like I am doing a brake job. Is there thing that I need to look out for.? Special tool to compress the piston? The car has 65K and the rotors seem smooth, should I go...