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  1. OzzyRules

    1999 Mustang Caliper slide pin problem

    Just grip the outer edge of slider where it meets the caliper with a pair of needle nose vise grips. Don't grip by the rubber or the finished surface of the slider.Tighten , remove grips and confirm bolt is tight.
  2. OzzyRules

    need torque specs for intake bolts

    Sounds like a piece of carbon found it's way down into a cylinder. That will knock like hell until it finds it way past the exhaust valves.
  3. OzzyRules

    2001 Chrysler Town & Country Cooling Fan Runs Continuously,

    When you do replace the relay,make sure it is firmly fastened to rad cross brace. If left loose it will not be able to transfer heat from relay to metal frame and overheat and fail again.I like to clean the frame and put dielectric grease on contact area of relay. I am reasonably sure you will...
  4. OzzyRules

    1998 Saturn SC2 problem with idle

    Personally, considering this engine I would check the pcv hose between top pan and intake,although more common on SC1. Also spray brake clean at intake to cylinder head with engine running and listen for rpm change. Common for intake gasket failure causing uncontrollable rpm swings.
  5. OzzyRules

    1991 Jeep Wrangler will not crank (sometimes)

    You have a typical dodge/jeep clicker. Change the starter and you'll be fine. Kicking out but not spinning.
  6. OzzyRules

    2000 ford windstar oil change lite reset

    If there are no info and reset buttons you have to use the trip button to reset. Push trip until it says hold for system check or reset. Cycle through until oil life is displayed and message says hold to reset if new oil. I wish manufacturers would settle on one reset, it would make life a lot...
  7. OzzyRules

    loud huming noise

    So many possibilities with so little info. Start by checking your power steering fluid level.
  8. OzzyRules

    PNP switch?

    Glad you got it fixed without costing you a bundle.
  9. OzzyRules

    PNP switch?

    First make sure your brake lights are working. Unlock solenoid needs a signal from the brake switch to allow shifting out of park.May have blown a fuse.
  10. OzzyRules

    PS Quit on 2000 Tahoe after pump was replaced

    I'd be checking that pump again as they are famous for breaking the shaft.
  11. OzzyRules

    2001 Chevy Silverado Engine miss....

    Check for a plugged catalytic converter on that side.
  12. OzzyRules

    2002 Tacoma Muffler

    Depending if you live a rustbelt area like I do, those bolts will likely have to be burnt off with a torch. You should replace the muffler and tailpipe assembly. Check with your dealer on the price, you maybe surprised. Universal aftermarket does not sound well on these vehicles.
  13. OzzyRules


    Check the plug again at alternator. Seen these lose connection often.
  14. OzzyRules

    Hyundai Elantra sudden stall

    If the TCC checks out as Jim mentioned I would be looking at getting the crank sensor checked out . Common problem causes sudden stall, no warning and usually starts right back up.
  15. OzzyRules

    93 Toyota 4runner noisy front end, control arm bushings??

    There should be plastic caps on the steering stops on the lower control arms. When worn it will give the noise you described, as the vehicles suspension moves on a full turn. Dealer item, not expensive.
  16. OzzyRules

    Battery Light On

    Unfortunately the center bolt for the bracket is hidden behind the altenator on this one . Seen this many a time in my neck of the woods . This is where the acetylene torch comes in handy. I heat the body of the altenator and the bracket, hammer it flush with the bracket and air hammer it out...
  17. OzzyRules

    Code 43, 1993 Chevy Lumina 3.1L

    Chances are for your gauge staying on cold you have a thermostat stuck open.
  18. OzzyRules

    '97 Taurus GL 3.0L 163k: Pinpointing Pulley/Belt Squeal/Chirp

    Remove belt and start engine to verify noise is gone. If it's still there you may have a noisy camshaft synchronizer .VIN(1&2 AND U only). If noise is gone shut it off and spin the pulleys by hand and listen for a little chirp.
  19. OzzyRules

    Question about braided section of hard brake line

    Yes if you can't find the flex portion you can coil the steel line with about 3 3" coils and you'll be fine.
  20. OzzyRules

    i think ive got a bad wheel bearing. can you confirm/negate it?

    Ok, jack the car up and secure it on jack stands on both sides. Apply handbrake and place car in neutral careful not to knock it off the stands. Spin the tire with one hand and hold the coil spring on the strut with the other. Do it for both sides and if you have a bad wheel bearing you will...